Friday, February 17, 2006

Thanks George Foreman

Bryna picked us up a Foreman grill for $5 buck from a yard sale. Today she marinated some thick slices of Portabello mushrooms and bell peppers in olive oil and Braggs liquid amino acids. She then grilled up the mushrooms and bells in the Foreman for a few minutes, until they were a little bit charred. I threw a few corn tortillas over an open flame, just enough to soften 'em up and then I spread hummus on one side of each. I dumped the goodies from the grill on top of the hummus and rolled it up. Yum. What a great quick lunch. I have to get in the habit of snapping some pictures before I scarf down my lunch. My friend Xeno takes a picture of EVERYTHING he eats. I don't know if I'll go that crazy, but never say never.
Marinated tofu grills real nice on this thing too. Thanks to Sid for that tip. Foreman will probably knock me out if he hears I'm abusing his grill with my vegan eatin'. This thing was meant for steak and burgers dammit.

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