Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Born To Metalize, Jesse Doesn't Understand

I tell him, everytime I see him. I say, "Jesse, you know 'Born To Metalize' is the supperior heavy metal album." Jesse, the fool replies by saying "Blah blah blah, unimportant crap, blah blah blah." He insists that Infernal Majesty's album is better because they thank Satan in the liner notes. Satan Schmaten, Born To Metalize feature's a band called Tortured Dog, and just look at the picture of Sneak Attack. Click on the photos above to see full size pics. The back of the album reads:

Children of steel no longer mourn
Your children have risen to carry your scorn
Restoring the airwaves from what we despise
You were.........
Born to Metalize

Hopefully Jesse will come to his senses, but in the meanwhile perhaps he will provide us with some graphics and a compelling argument to support his lame choice for best metal album and then we'll have a vote to settle this argument once and for all. What's up Jesse? Huh? You up to a little wager?


Jesse said...

Well, all you have to do is go here and you will realize that None Shall Defy, the masterpiece debut by Infernal Majesty, is the greatest metal album ever. Besides thanking Lucifer himself in the liner notes, the bass player is named Psychopath. Born To Metallize is great, don't get me wrong. There's nothing wrong with second best.

KLJ said...

Jese, Jesse, Jesse,
Thou art the fool.
Keep your crappy album handy, I'll have to get some photos of it and then I'll show the world how weak it is. Weak, I tell ya, WEAK!
Much love,
Reverend KLJ

Jason_Alley said...

And here I was thinking "Master Of Puppets" was the greatest metal album ever!

All I know is, I gotta hear BOTH those albums!

gato6gris@gmail.com said...

i heard this album when i was 12 years old and since then i'm trying t get it....you know it's something like a calling...and i need it...do you know how to get it...and by the way Jesse shut the %^&8up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KLJ said...

Sorry Man, I just found it at a thrift store, pure dumb luck, and I have no idea how you'd find another copy. Of course I'd never part with mine.

And you're right about Jessy, he does need to shut the fuck up for sure.

Anonymous said...

listened to it last night and went searching for a foto. BOOM !

who signed it?

BEAST rules ! ! !

for more tri-city bonehead action try Inner Sanctum's 12 AM LP ! ! ! the BUtcher !