Monday, June 25, 2007

Panhandling Documentary Rough Cut Screening
We've been working on this damn thing for over two years now and we are, at last, close to finished. In fact we've arranged a rough cut screening in July and we'll premier the film in grand fashion within a couple of months of that screening.

It's to be a small screening, first come first serve and we'll be packing the place. Yeah.

Click Here and scroll down until you see my pic for more information.

Damian Sol (Las Pesadillas, Radio Orangevale) is working on our soundtrack and Crazy Ballhead is contributing an original song. We're also looking for a spot to put a song by Pets, even if we need to put it in the credits, it's a rockin' tune.

This is your last chance to submit music for possible inclusion so get on it. You can contact me via this myspace profile

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, can you spare a couple bucks? I need a new pair of Vans...

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Erotic Sexual Positions from Around The World (NSFW)

My sweetheart and I started our relationship with a road trip around the US.

Along the way we found this book for seventy five cents that promised a trip around the world.

I've been wanting buttons or shirts for our Truly Awful Stuff website and I think we may now have the perfect graphics.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Blue Man Walking

Artists Unknown
Located on 16th St. near V, Sacramento

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Street Art; Robots

Artist; Unknown

Michael Moore; Sicko

Thanks David Silva for the photos
Michael Moore was in Sacramento yesterday with his new films Sicko, hosted by California's Registered Nurses. I was lucky enough to attend the film screening and I'm happy to report;Michael Moore hits another one out of the park.

I went into Sicko with high expectations, not only because even conservative outfits like Fox News were giving it the thumbs up, but also because I am a big fan of Moore and as I am a person with a chronic illness the subject matter of Sicko is near and dear to my heart, (or to my colon rather.)

In Sicko Moore traces America's health care problems from the Nixon administration, including audio from "The Tapes" though Hillary's attempt at universal health care (including her eventual sell out) to our present mess.

Sicko contrasts this situation with the health care systems in Canada, England, France and even Cuba. My only complaint with this film is that we don't visit the Muslim slums of France, or the poorer areas of England, though and Englishman who watched the film with me insists that had he visited these place it would've strengthened his argument.

We do of course witness plenty of personal horror stories from both patients (or would be patients) and medical providers on our side of the pond. These stories focus not only on the difficulty of getting treated, even for the insured, but also on the poor quality of treatment we often receive. I had tears in my eyes through much of this and was actually worried I might let out a sob at points. There's no fear of propaganda exaggeration in these scenes as we've all seen enough of this kind of mistreatment in our own communities to know that it's real.

But it isn't all weeping and getting pissed, there are plenty of laugh out loud moments. Moore's montage of Hillary as the savior of the people is a crack up even as it leads to her sell out which was somewhat less amusing. When Moore hears that the webmaster behind which he calls "the biggest Anti-Michael Moore site out there" is having financial problems due to medical bills he sends him a hardy check, and it's hilarious.

In Sicko there are also many stand up and cheer scenes, scenes where normal folks fight back and win, scenes where you see lives get saved, and scenes where you start to think maybe we really can shut down this F'd up system in this country and start taking better care of our selves and each other.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I Love Skate Boarding

I mean, short of getting bit by a pygmy where else am I gonna get cool bruises like this?

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Sarah Silverman Sucks (or doesn't)

Sarah Silverman goes for the edgy points here, but she loses me completely. There is Paris Hilton, in the audience, and what does Silverman attack her for? Being clueless and spoiled? Thinking she's above the law? Contributing to the materialism and general dumbing down of our culture? No, she makes fun of her for getting caught giving blow jobs.

What the hell?! Isn't giving blow jobs the one thing that Paris has done that we should all support. You don't give blow jobs Sarah? We should make fun of you then, while celebrating the blow job givers of the world. When is national Blow Jobbers Day, cuz I'm buying some flowers for sure, including a big bouquet for Paris.

And all the rich, powerful men in the audience have a chuckle while our girl who commits the sin of enjoying some sex sits and tries to smile through her public humiliation. They love you Sarah, you're their darling. You can all laugh at the slut together. That's not cutting edge. That's the same old tired shit. Why not top it off with a fat girl joke?


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