Monday, February 20, 2006

Cut My Cast Off

I'm supposed to have it on for another two weeks.
I had to take it off. I couldn't take it anymore. I'll just tell the doctors it got wet and if they want to put a new one on so be it, I need one damn night without it. It's itchy and stinky and gross, and sitting on the floor next to me. My wrist is so weak from not being used in two weeks. I have to remember not to over use it,now that the cast isn't there to support me. If I were to use it to help me up from the ground right now it would hurt like hell.
I cut off my own cast when I was a kid and broke my thumb too. I guess I haven't grown up much. Of course that cast really did get wet. I was out at the golf course late at night fishing golf balls out of the lake so I could sell them to the guy at the vaccume cleaner repair shop, who in turn sold them to golfers to use as range balls. I hit pay dirt, finding a good stash of balls in one spot and I went after them with both hands. (Get your mind out of the gutter and quit yer gigglin'.) The cast was wet, and slimey lake wet at that, so I cut it off with a jig saw and it was fine. I never did follow up with a doctor on that one, but the bone looked good when they x-rayed me for this more recent break. No sign of the old injury at all.
This time around I sawed the cast off with my downstairs neighbor Skinner's leather man, and then he helped me pull it off. He was worried I'd get in trouble with my girlfriend for taking the cast off. No such problem. She knows what she's dealing with here.


Anonymous said...

I want to cut my cast off too. I'm an ole grannie and I need to do some things. The cast is on to give my thumb and wrist a rest. I have a SPICA brace to use, but tonight I just want it off and am trying to stave off a panic attack. I do have a hack saw.

Anonymous said...

i fractured my hand after a fight. Its not too painful, but i need to take a pysical for a job on tuesday, i wont pass with it on. so i think im gonna cut it off on tuesday and tell the doctor only if it hurts.

Unknown said...

Wow ... Thank u for that, the cast is some real drama.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!Im not the only one who wants to take the cast off, I injured my ankle 5 weeks ago and im really sick of it.

Anonymous said...

I've had the cast on for almost 5 weeks broken ankle. have your Dr cut the sides by your toes it helps. becasue I had the panic attacks late at night, it helps to talk to someone or take your mind someplace else.. it works, counting the days 3 to go hang in there.