Friday, April 29, 2011

Where To Start

I was talking with Andy Wood, the organizer of the Bridgetown comedy festival, about some classic comedy icons and he asked where a good place to start would be for The Marx Brothers. Here are my quick suggestions for some absolute must see comedy films:

The Marx Brothers: Duck Soup  (Fantastic, and the climactic, musical courtroom scene at the end makes me laugh no matter how many times I see it. This is also the film with the classic mirror scene. My second choice for the brothers would be Horse Feathers.)

Charlie Chaplin: Modern Times (Hilarious but also poignant and politically very brave. Watching it with my 10 year old nephew and explaining the cultural context to him made me realize it's a socialist propaganda film in the best way. The Great Dictator is also very interesting, especially in the context of the times it was made but Modern Times is much funnier, imho.)

Buster Keaton: The Scarecrow and The General.
(The 1st is a short film the other his most famous feature. They make a great double feature. Go West is also very good.)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Almost There!

We've only got $407 left to raise before we hit our goal and with 9 days left to do it, I think we're in pretty damn good shape. Please go, order a CD and/or DVD now so you can be one of the few, the proud who can say they had it first and helped make it happen. See the video below and click here; to contribute at

Sunday, April 24, 2011

And The Reviews Are In...

From the Portland Mercury's blog: "a too-brief set by Keith Lowell Jensen, who managed to (A) do some jokes about Portland that were actually funny, and (B) kick some much-needed excitement into the room."
And they posted a video clip from my new CD/DVD.
Read the article here.

And also exciting, Margaret Cho told me I was funny. She walked over and said "Hi, I'm Margaret." To which I said, "OH YEAH!" and she said, "I like you're set. You're very funny." To which I said "OH YEAH!" She is really warm and friendly.

That is too much awesome. I have another show tonight and then I get to go home. YAY.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Legalize Marijuana 420 - Keith Lowell Jensen Stand-Up Comedy

To celebrate 4/20, a clip from my new DVD/CD Cats Made Of Rabbits. Pre-order it and help it's release at

Have you called an 8 year old girl a cunt today?

c u n t
I fight with people on youtube. Christians mostly, the occasional Muslim and sometimes even other atheists. Yeah, it's my great shame. I don't drink, snort, shoot or lick anything I'm not supposed to but I do like to indulge in fighting on the internet.

When some creationist goon says something like, "If we came from monkeys, why they still monkeys?" I used to assume that I was talking to a child but time after time I'd check and find, to my amazement, that there are lots of very childish adults out there memorizing the Bible's less boring chapters.

After a while I quit checking. Actual kids it seemed were to busy posting "Justin Bieber is better than these guys" on Beatles videos to bother with the likes of me. Then I get a comment about how voo-doo is prominent in China and Japan and so they shouldn't be surprised to have been hit by God's wrath. This deep thought was followed by "U R Not Epic". A fan had referred to me as epic.

I wrote back that confusing Haiti with Japan and China was pretty fucking pathetic and closed out with "U R A Cunt".

Most surprised to see the reply "U MAKE ME SICK. SAYING THAT TO A SWEET 8 YEAR OLD GIRL!"
I clicked on the profile and saw a chubby 8 year old uploading videos with no parents anywhere to be seen.

A sane person should've just blocked her and deleted the whole exchange. That's not what I did. I replied "Your parents make me sick, letting a sweet 8 year old girl talk to strange adult men unsupervised on the internet."

Then I blocked her. And deleted the whole exchange.

Some days you fight the good fight. And some days you call an 8 year old girl a cunt.

At least I didn't tell her to google "Tub Girl" if she wanted to see some cute puppies. See, it could've been worse.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Whoa-oh, We're Halfway There...

What's got me so excited I'm quoting Bon Jovi lyrics? We're halfway to the goal for my CD/DVD fundraising effort on Kickstarter and we're there ahead of schedule. See the video below and click here; to contribute at

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Want a Free Copy of My New Album?

Get my new album for free! Have a blog? A Podcast? A college radio show? Send me details and I'll put in a request for indy label guy to send you an advance review copy of the disc.

Jokes About Fucking

Big Black's "Songs About Fucking" was one of my favorite albums in High School and I still love it dearly. I left my cassette tape of it out on the dining room table though where one of my mom's friends picked it up during a tea or some such lady business. My mom was no censor. She let me keep my copy of The Cure's "Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me" even after a friend's mom took the time to read her some of the more disturbing lyrics but this proved to be too much. Straight into the trash it went.

When Valentine's Day gets close again, someone please remind me that I want to do a romantic show called Jokes About Fucking.
(Click here to buy my new album

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Capital Public Radio on Friday

This Friday I'll be on "Insight" with Jeffrey Callison on Capital Public Radio talking about my new album and DVD and we'll play some clips from the recording.
If you're in the area you can listen between 10am and 11am at 90.9 on your FM dial. You can hear it online here:

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Morning

I woke up at a girlfriend's house, only she wasn't a girlfriend anymore, though I was desperately hoping that she would be again. And it wasn't actually her house. She was renting a room from a friend's mom, the same friend she'd gone to Europe with and fallen in love and lust with and done it in such a romantic, frantic, exciting situation that I didn't feel I could possibly compete.

There I was, waking up in her bed, which used to be his bed, in his childhood room full of his records. I wasn't there because things had gone well with her the night before. I was there because I smoked some weed with my employer and it put me on my ass, gave me the spins, made me want desperately to be unconscious. She let me crash at her place out of sympathy and probably with some annoyance.

I felt better in the morning. She woke me up as she headed out to work, told me to stay as long as I wanted and to lock the door behind me when I left. She hugged me, and planted a small kiss on my lips.

The sun was coming in the windows in storybook fashion and it felt like a new day in every way imaginable. I flipped through his records and came across an album with Andy Warhol's signature and an image of a banana on the otherwise blank, white cover.

I put the record on the turntable and the first sparse notes, played on a xylophone grabbed my attention as Sunday Morning came on. I sat and listened to the perfect song for that surprisingly perfect morning. I made a note to check out more of this album later, but for now I wanted this song to be the soundtrack for my day. I walked to the bus stop, enjoying the sun on my face and feeling very much alive.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Listen to me on The Don Geronimo Show today, 1pm - 2pm

So, I ran into Don G himself at a comedy show last night and when all the bullshit was put aside we got along pretty well. Looks like I'll be a special guest on his show today from 1pm to 2pm.
How well could this go? The Don and Keith show anyone?