Monday, August 31, 2009

Tim Meadows and Uncle Brother

I just realized I was so busy with my CD release show I never blogged about my week opening for Tim Meadows at Punch Line Sacramento. It was great. I was really happy with my set each night and so was the audience. It was great fun flyering after the show and getting tons of compliments from enthusiastic hand shakes from folks.
Meadows did a bit of stand up and then brought up Uncle Brother, two improv guys from Chicago and he joined them in some of the best long form improv I've seen. Meadows and the Uncle Brother guys were all really nice and friendly.
This week I'm back at Punch with Tom Rhodes which should be a blast. The man is a legend.

Press Blitz


Click the headline to go the full article: "Jensen has a hard time focusing on any one thing for too long. That doesn't mean he lacks a point of view, though; he's got a dark sensibility and a propensity for logic over blind acceptance."

The Serious Comedy Site
"To The Moon, the first stand-up comedy CD by Keith Lowell Jensen is solid, solid stuff." (Romania) "A great listen, all ending in a wonderfully crafted story that reminded me of Woody Allen’s stand-up."

The Sacramento Bee "Jensen's comedy has gone global"

News and Review: "Jensen skewers everything—religion, Jenny McCarthy, light-rail drivers. Don't miss a chance to see him live." "Jensen turns a throwaway Light Rail Drivers joke into an extended piece about remixing the joke for different audiences, and segues from that into a great series of jokes about performing in small town “comedy clubs,” building to a great bit about parents who bring their kids to bars, with a classic R-rated punchline."

Submerge Magazine "To the Moon finds Jensen rocketing his material to new heights, touching upon anything from having a kid to the costumes in porn. Jensen gets introspective too, poking fun at his experience of attending continuation school" Show Review "Jensen’s biting commentary on religion and the way society perceives it was still prevalent in his act, but it was interspersed with bits on his imminent transformation into a father in October and why he is “hella gay at being straight.” "The jokes are great and genuine. Good observational humor that is a great blend of smart, wacky, and self deprecating. With topics that include his continuation school experiences, being "hella gay at being straight", and Microsoft Vista jokes, this CD is unique." "By turns cerebral, profane and lowbrow, Jensen offers insight into life as a small-time comedian, observations about porn and an extremely funny extended scatological bit that give the CD it’s name. To the Moon is a no-brainer for existing fans of Jensen’s and a great way for the uninitiated to become acquainted with one of Northern California’s fastest rising stars."

Friendly Atheist
"While he doesn’t tackle religion on this particular album, he does have a fantastic bit about Jenny McCarthy and her anti-vaccination crusade and there are plenty of geek-related jokes (e.g. Microsoft Vista, tech support, time travel) that a skeptical audience would appreciate."


Friday, August 28, 2009

CD Release Show

The CD release show at Punch Line was big fat fun. I was on stage for almost an hour and had a great time. Lots of impromptu ha has, which is always a thrill. For me the highlight of my set was Cats Made Of Rabbits.
The other comics all had good sets and Marcella Arguello was the best emcee ever. She kept the audience laughing and excited throughout the night, and I believe she got a few drinks bought for her too. Woo hoo. Lookin' forward to doin' a San Francisco show soon.


When I was in a band, I remember walking around singing our latest song and being so excited about it. It's not a feeling I get as often in comedy. I'm doing Cats Made of Rabbits as a stand up bit and I am that excited about it. I can't wait to do it again. It's my favorite bit in a long time. It worked really well for me at the CD release show.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Punning Contest

What a weird night. I did a show, Comedy From The Couch with my friend John Ross, up on Broadway just a few blocks from my house. I'm walkin' home after and a I run into some drunk who at first I'm worried is looking for a fight but it turns out her recognizes me as a comedian but I think he has me mixed up with another comic. It's very important to him that I admit that he beat me at a punning contest. A punning contest? So, I say, "I'm sure you did." and I try really hard to avoid puns lest I accidentally end up in another punning contest. It can be difficult NOT punning. He is trying to pun, but the furthest the efforts gets is "Yeah, you can... uh... Oh, I bet you don't..."
So, we stand there, not punning, until I decide that it's safe to say, "Okay, I have to go now. It is time for me to go to bed." speaking really slowly and deliberatlely just SURE that I'm going to pun unintentionaly and be... punished for it. SEE?! See how easily it happens? I got home safe and sound. I hope he did as well.

Friday, August 21, 2009


I put up a new post on the Truly Awful Stuff blog. Have a look see here.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Competition, done, yay for that

Tonight, I was in another competition and again I did not advance past the first round. It doesn't bother me too much though. I know I did a really good set, but the guys who won for the most part deserved. The guys in 1st and 2nd place (the top 3 advance) had better sets than me.
The bad experience was the last contest before this, where 1 guy had a better set than me but four people advanced instead of me and two of them were awful and hacky.
So, tonight was fine.
If I want to do any more competitions, and I'm not sure I do, I need to work on my short game. I've got a really good long game and a decent short, but I tend to like a little time to build up and when I only have five minutes I need to figure out how to just go out there already UP.
Ah well. All week I'm opening for Tim Meadows at The Punch Line, and that is cool. :D

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

To The Moon CD Release Party

What: Keith Lowell Jensen "To The Moon... Live at Luna's" CD Release Party
Who: KLJ plus Mike E. Winfield, Kelly Pryce, Ray Molina and Marcella Arguello
When: Wednesday August 26th, 8pm
Where: Punch Line, Sacramento, CA 95825
How Much: $15 includes a copy of "To The Moon."
Phone: (916) 925-5500

"By turns cerebral, profane and lowbrow, Jensen offers insight into life as a small-time comedian, observations about porn and an extremely funny extended scatalogical bit that give the CD it’s name"

"A great blend of smart, wacky, and self deprecating humor."

"Jensen is best known as the atheist comedian on the popular Coexist? Comedy Tour. On "To The Moon" the comic talks about everything but religion, from his adventures in public school to the declining quality of pornography. With this effort Jensen establishes himself as a unique, refreshingly sincere and absolutely irreverent voice in modern comedy. This is one hilarious CD."

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Atheist Church August 26, KLJology
You're initials make it clear that your desitiny involves going to my website and buying my CD. Doing it sooner rather than later means getting to the good things in life that much sooner. Do it now. Be the change you want to see in my pocket.