Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Tofurkey Day

I wrote about my vegan Thanksgiving "feast" for the News and Review.
Check it out here!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

From Today's Sacramento Bee

The To-Do List:
by Rachel Leibrock

Take this job and ...You think your job is unusually bad, weird or funky? Keith Lowell Jensen's résumé can one-up you in all those respects - and then some. Jensen, a local comedian, details the good, the bad and the funny of the various ways he's earned money in his All My Jobs blog ( Among Jensen's myriad gigs: a busboy on Sacramento's Delta King riverboat, strip-mall janitor and the ultimate local temp job - working for State Net, the legislative tracking service that "seemed to (employ) every musician in Sacramento."

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Big Star; In Space

Big Star is one of my favorite bands. They've been broken up for a million years so I didn't expect to be reviewing a new album from them. Surprise surprise! Click here to read my review of Alex Chilton and company's latest as published in the News and Review.
You can read all my News and Review articles here.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I haven't been to work in 7 days, not since breaking my collarbone. I've been working from home and now with the holiday weekend I'll be off another five days. Going back will be hard. I hate work. I hate this job less than most but it's still a meaningless way to kill the majority of one's waking hours. I pledge to free myself from employment in the next few months. I can freelance write and doing promotions so long as I find a health plan that I can afford. Until that goal is accomplished I'll continue to sit at the desk, answering the phone, ordering the concrete tile, dispatching the trucks and practicing the fine art of finding life amidst the gossip and power struggles that make up most of the work day.

It's tough having all this time but not being able to do much writing. My accident has me typing with one hand and my typing never quite kept up with my flow of ideas as it was.

I've begun keeping a dream log. There are so many strong images in my dreams, many of which do not hit full strength until days later.


Homophobia means "afraid of homosexuality". I've heard it said that everybody is homophobic to some degree, even homosexuals themselves.

If everyone is that afraid, we ought to use this in horror movies! Freddy versus Jason could have been When Freddy Met Jason. Given Freddy's perpensity for wearing sweaters and Jasons obsessively close relationship with his mother it's a believable premise.

And a bit of homo-eroticizing might breathe life into some classic horror films as well. "Frankenstein rips off the door to the castle, storms through the castle gate, goes straight (or should we say 'directly') to your house, knocks on the door with such force, WHAMMO, the door is gone, enters the living room, you're pinned to the couch in terror, and he says….. “Me like what you done with curtains…….Hmmm, what the?!? ROAR!!! Couch no go with carpet…..COUCH MUST GO!!!” You stand by, frozen in terror as Frankenstein or Franco as he’s known at the club, violently redecorates the house, pausing only briefly for mineral water and croissants.

Hopefully the movie will go no further than this. I don’t want to see the gay porn Frankenstein. I mean we don’t know whose organ the doc gave him, but judging by the hands, feet, and head, the doctor had an obsession with size. No wonder the bride of Frankenstein looked all freaked out.

Being afraid of the unknown is acceptable, but why does homosexuality inspire such anger and hate. I don’t know what people have against homosexuals. If you ask them they’ll likely say that it goes against nature. Ah yes nature. You know, you might want to take the “Pave the Rainforest” bumper sticker off your truck, before you go claiming to be such a nature lover. I mean come on, when did you ever see one of these good old boys beat the bartender’s ass because their beef jerky wasn’t cruelty free and organic?

There is, however, some evidence that we are indeed a country of nature loving men. You'll notice every Playboy magazine centerfold in history, on the Playmate profile page, where they tell us what we want to hear, features this one…”Turn-ons include sincere men, moonlit walks, and nature.” So either us red-blooded American males love nature, or we just love girls with great big fake tits who love nature.

I look at it this way. If a woman with bags of silicone surgically implanted under her skin can sit in front of a fake waterfall with tons of hairspray, make up, fake fingernails, and the temperature turned way down so her nipples perk up simulating arousal, can love nature, than I figure any person who likes to do what we’ve all witnessed our own pets doing, can be as natural as they damn well please. You macho men out there know what I'm talking about. You can name your dog Butch, clip his ears, dress him in a spiked leather collar; he still wants to get it on with Rex the poodle, he still wants to hump your leg. In fact, it kind of changes the context of the nickname, the short hairdo and the collar there doesn’t it sport.

The other thing that scares people about homosexuals is that everyone always worries that the homo will be attracted to them. Well friends I’ve done some research. I went down to the grown up book store, and I looked through the alternative lifestyle section to see what these homos really like, and I’ll tell you they had books for every taste imaginable. Books full of fat hairy men, books full of young buff men, books full of skinny feminine men and books full of big masculine woman, but I’m happy to reassure you, all you homophobes can relax. There was not one single book about slack jawed, pot-bellied illiterates whose career involves a nametag and a paper hat. I'm also happy to report, you don't have to be a card carrying lesbian to pick up a copy of 'Lipstick Lesbos'. I just told the counter girl it was for my lesbian sister (Tee hee, I don't have a sister).

Finally we come to the best reason for hating anyone... religion. Now, living in California I’ve seen gay priests and preachers. They take as many liberties with The Bible as any other preacher, using quotes like, “lo, it was Christ himself who said to thou art to turn the other cheek" "Let all men be as fishers of men. I’m fishing for men", "If god had put Steve in that garden instead of Eve, we may have never left. We’d have done some gardening though, I’ll tell you that.” The worst is a gay preacher at the singles bar after one too many, “Taste of my body?”

Whatever the big J may think of sodomy he didn't have much to say about it. He did have a few words for those who'd throw stones at a hooker. Yeah, yeah, I know, you weren't throwing anything at hookers you were just beating up fags. Sorry. I get so confused.

My favorite are the alcoholic beverage folks. You go into a gay bar (it was research, I swear) and you'll see Coors, Budweiser and Marlboro neon signs with bright, proud, rainbow flags everywhere. Isn't it a little too easy to be pro-gay in a gay bar? I'm Sure even David Duke is pro-Black and pro-Latino when he's walkin' through East L.A. or Oakland, but it's what he does at home that counts. When Coors puts the rainbow flag on the cans that they ship to Texas, or when the Marlboro Man starts behaving in a manner befitting such a cute cowboy outfit and well trimmed mustache, then I'll believe these companies are pro-gay. Of course selling your cancer causing product to gay folk is a strange way to be pro-gay, but these are interesting times we're living in.

If you’re dead set on hating homosexuals I won’t try to stop you, but please hate them for a good reason. Hate them for dressing better than you. Hate them for their atrocious taste in music, (ITS RAINING MEN, HALLELUJAH ITS RAINING MEN, AMEN…FREEDOM (bass=boom boom boom). Hate ‘em for getting more sex than you, hate ‘em cause they don’t have to choose between getting some or going fishing. They can get some while fishing. Hate ‘em cuz they get to watch lesbians making out all the time, and they don’t even appreciate it.
Hate ‘em cuz they’re so damn cute!

Friday, November 18, 2005

Buy My CD Please

People say to me, they say, "Keith, I sure do love your writing, like I love my own life, like I love havin' a pee after drinkin' a six pack of crappy, mostly water, American beer, but Keith, I don't know quite how to show my appreciation."

Well folks, relax. Just a quick note, expressing your love for all I do is thanks enough. But should you want to do more, (and hell why shouldn't you want to?) there are two things you can do. You can go to my panhandling site, give me your cash, and get nothing in return but the knowledge that you made me do the happy dance, or you can go here and buy a comedy cd.

I wrote quite a bit of it and I found some mucho talented ladies and men to play the parts with me as we toured the country finding out wich bits were the funniest. Don't take my word for it, go to the site, see the video, listen to the clips.

So if you think abortion rights is a funny subject right up there with suicide and pornography gone wrong be sure to pick up a copy, and hey, it makes a great gift too.

Be sure to request your local college station spin our CD (they have it, trust me) and watch for our ads in Bust Magazine and Punk Planet and on the television in the greater Sacramento area.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Two more N&R reviews

be patient with me. broken collar bone means typing with one hand for a while.
i wrote 2 articles in this weeks sacramento news and review. both are near and dear to my heart as i wrote about one of my favorite comic artist/writers and two of my favorite sacramento artists. read my story on sac-town band 'daisy spot' here, read my review of jeffrey brown's latest graphic novel 'aeiou: an easy intamacy', here. you can also see the previously unpublished strip that jeffrey did for my jobs blog here.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

it's broke

Just back from the doctor. The fall on my skateboard... I broke my collarbone, sooo I shouldn't have a chance to get anymore injuries for a couple of weeks at least while this heals.

Amber Is Barbie

I just put up a new story by my pal Amber on my jobs blog.

"I might play Barbie for my ‘side job’ but trust me, I certainly don’t live the life of one of America’s most popular icons. Usually when I tell people I play Barbie for Mattel, I get hundreds of the same questions. It seems to me that people think that it’s a real glitzy exclusive job but I’m here to break that stereotype and answer the many questions I get." Read it HERE!


My soul hurts. I want to skate. I love skating and I don't want to buy into any "too old" b.s., but here I sit, waiting for the motrin to kick in, my shoulder is killing me. I took the day off to skate. I skated for twenty minutes and was actually getting the hang of carving the bowls at the skate park before I landed hard on my left shoulder. I tried to walk it off, or skate it off, but it got worse. so now I'm at home feeling old and pathetic, waiting for water to turn into ice so I can numb myself a bit. Two injuries in two weeks, the swellbow (scroll down a few posts) is on the same damn arm. Already I'm telling myself that I won't give in. But why? Am I just really wanting to skate or am I fighting getting old? I'm going to go be in pain now, bye...

Monday, November 14, 2005

Hank Williams Senior

I wrote a review of a new Hank set. It's a pretty good set. Read the review by clicking HERE!

To see a list of all of my reviews and articles that I've done for the News and Review over the years click HERE!

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Panhandling: Darned Christians

I went out today and panhandled at Capital Christian Center. They totally blew the story I had planned by all being really nice. Now they're even posting comments at my blog! Read all about it by clicking; Panhandling: Darned Christians

Thursday, November 10, 2005

New Job Story: Being Will Ferrell

My pal Amber forwarded me the email from Action Promotions. They were looking for someone who looked like Will Ferrell and who could be "high energy." I am told at least once a day that I look like Will Ferrell. I don't see it, but, for $30 an hour, sure, call me Will Ferrell.
Click Here, to visit the jobs blog & read more.

Monday, November 7, 2005

New Job Story: Tech Support

Scottmon has some venting to do after another hard day as a Tech Support Monkey.

"As posted at my workplace, I should "Speak Clearly and Professional."

How does one speak clearly and professional when stating the following...

"Mrs. X, your son has been downloading goat porn and has infested your PC with the spyware from hell."

"Reverend Y, Get off your fat ass and see if the mouse cord is actually plugged in to the computer. We can't send a tech out for that."

Check out this new post at All My Jobs and don't forget the Fun Drive!

Sunday, November 6, 2005

New Panhandling Angle

"Hi, this is Joe, how are you today?"
(wait for response)
"Good. I am a cardboard sign panhandler, you've probably seen me around. I am often dressed as a banana. I am calling today to let you give me money by phone. This spares you the inconvenience and expense of driving to the offramp. Many folks are even giving a dollar or two more than their usual donation since I've managed to save them from using gas. Have you noticed gas prices are very high right now?"

"I can take you're donation by Visa, Mastercard, or any other major credit card. To further convenience you you're donation is not tax deductable and so you don't have to worry about saving your reciept."

Visit to read the rest and to donate a couple of bucks. God Bless.
And Click Here to check out the FUN Drive, Woo Hoo! Of course you could also just scroll down to the next post, if ya want to be a party pooper.

Saturday, November 5, 2005

Fun Drive

I love when NPR or PBS does a pledge drive and they call it a "Fun Drive." My favorite part is the guilting. In between the fun they let you know that if you're listening and not pledging you may as well be stealing! That's cool, I steal cable too so it all works out.
The truth is I love NPR and PBS, and someday, when I'm not so poor, I will give them some bucks. Hopefully they're still around. To hear them tell it they could go broke any minute.

I'm doing my own Fun Drive here. I don't want your money, well yes I do, but I'm not asking for it here (go to for that.) What I'm asking for here are your comments on my posts. Links to from your website or blog. And please remember, while webmasters aren't supposed to solicit clicks, clicking on the ads helps a website out more than just about anything else. So, consider this, if you're looking at my articles and stories and not giving me clicks, you may as well be molesting my pets. You sicko.

Here's some new banners for linking to my pages. I'll have banners for and the panhandling site up soon.


This is an article I did years ago for taking a good look at some of the more interesting porno films out there. The majority of the population looks at porn and the porn industry makes more money than the mainstream film and music industries combined. Unfortunately our puritanical values keep it shameful and hidden so it's awfully hard, er, difficult to find out which films are worth looking at. The following flicks are good films to start with. I chose the films because they were interesting. If you're looking for flicks that are hot I'd advise checking out Andrew Blake. I know men and women who love his films. And now, I present to you

KLJ's Guide To Quality Porno

Deep Throat is the King (or Queen?) of all porno flicks. First off the premise is hilarious. Linda Lovelace plays a woman who can't have an orgasm no matter how hard she tries, and lordy, lordy does she try. Luckily a good doctor discovers her G-spot. Unluckily it's deep in her throat. Luckily the doctor has the proper, uh, um, medical equipment to reach it, and we haven't gotten to the weird part yet. Now here's where we get truly bizarre; Deep Throat is a MUSICAL! An action, comedy, porno, MUSICAL. I love this film, especially the Jealous nurse song.

The film is the highest grossing x-rated film of all time (counting only films that saw a theatrical release) and during the 70's going to see this film was hip even amongst Hollywood stars. More weirdness, Lovelace later is born again, and claims her abusive husband forced her to make the movie. She wrote a book about her experience, "Ordeal" which was released only after the publisher had her take a lie detector test! Ordeal the book and Deep Throat the movie would make a fantastic gift set don't ya think?

Probably the first porno most of us knew by name, Debbie Does Dallas features the adorable Bambi Woods as Debbie a high school cheerleader who has earned herself a coveted position on the Texas Cowgirl Cheerleaders. The problem is Debbie can't afford the trip to Dallas. Don't fret little angel, the story has a happy ending. Debbie's current cheerleading squad decides they'll all go and to afford it they'll all provide services for cash, innocent services, you know, helping out in the record store, washing cars. Of course it isn't long before the girls realize the cash is coming in too slow and the kind of services you first thought I meant begin to be offered.

The plot is good for a laugh and Bambi Woods looks great in her cheerleading outfits but in the end this is just a porno flick with lots of unimaginative sex scenes and worst of all lots of allusions to and even simulated depictions of pedophilia. Most of what you'd get out of this one can be gotten by viewing the case the DVD comes in!

Caligula: A 15 Million Dollar Porno starring Malcolm McDowell and Peter O'Toole!!! How the hell did this happen? Well here's the way I heard it. A beautiful period film was in the works about the twisted life of Caesar Caligula who was prone to sleeping with his sister and his horse (one at a time, don't be obscene), who put the wives of the house of lords up in a brothel that they might serve the public more directly, who was very happy to devirginize brides in front of their grooms on their wedding day, and who married one of Rome's most notorious prostitutes. Ahhh the good old days.

The film was huge, with it's big stars and elaborate sets and costumes, and historically accurate to a degree not usually seen in big budget historical porno films. The production not surprisingly ran out of money before being completed. Send in Penthouse Magazine's Bob Guccione to the rescue. Of course he insisted on some creative input. Along with Guccione came a bevy of Penthouse pets, horribly distracting from the lavish sets. It is rumored that Guccione put in most of the hardcore footage after the shooting of the esteemed English actors was completed.

By the time the film was released screenplay author Gore Vidal had asked to have his name removed from the credits. How much of the original intent of the film survives amidst the grunting and thrusting is what makes the viewing of this film truly surreal, and for the most part rather enjoyable.

How often do you find praise from Andy Warhol while perusing the naughty room of the local mom and pop video store? Radley Metzger is an art film director. Unlike many who've started hard core and softened Metzger started soft, earned great critical acclaim and then went further into hard core but maintained his artistic temperament, excellent writing, acting and above all his amazing cinematography.

BUT, I'm discussing strange here and Radley certainly qualifies. Score is an unabashed, throw subtlety to the wind, swinger recruitment film. While the two men gettin' together may upset the less sensitive of you take heart the two woman get along rather well as well and I know you're all thrilled about that.

Watch this and Metzger's other films (He does an adult Eva Peron Story!) with your sweetie. Many films claim to be couple approved but his are amongst the precious few that really do have something for everyone. One exeption to this may be, The Opening of Misty Beethoven, a porn take on Pygmalion that is way more fun than My Fair Lady. I loved it, my girlfriend complained that the movie featured too many blowjob scenes. Her critique will serve as high praise to most readers.

So Super Vixens isn't quite porn. It's an amazing and sexy film none the less. Possibly my favorite Russ Meyer production. I was involved in screening an illegally obtained print of this film and I ended up answering to Russ Meyer himself! Read the whole story here.

This film features the most fun, happy, bouncy sex scenes of all time with the most delightful assortment of women (Blonde, Brunette, Indian, Black, Farmers daughter all with Russ Meyer tademark large breast and magnificent curves) horrificly juxtaposed against the most extreme violence, mostly wrought by Charles Napier's character who chases the story's hero across country as said hero is attacked by every sexy woman that crosses his path and forced into hideous acts of love, poor fella!

Pamela and Tommy Lee's Sex Tape can't truly be considered an amateur tape can it? I took this one to a Lesbian friend's hair salon and watched the flick with her and her gal pals who were patiently waiting for her to give them bad lesbian hair. My gal pal says to me as Pamela's tastin' of Tommy's love, "Keith I aint seen many dicks, but is that one HUGE!" "Either it's huge or her head is friggin' tiny"! Tommy's piece does amaze especially when he honks the horn of his boat with it. He and Pamela seem to be genuinely crazy about each other, at one point pulling their car over on the side of the road for a quickie. It wasn't long before the domestic violence charges let us know there would not be a sequel.

Vince Neil, also of Motley Crue, not to be outdone put out a tape of his own love life. No one noticed. Sorry Vince.

Sex and Zen is a well produced high flying kung fu porn flick! The first time I've ever seen the wires normally used in anti gravity kung fu fight scenes used in sex scenes. Picture this, a brusque male tosses his lady love high in the air, climbs up a chain, and allows her to land on his penis on her way down.

This soft core flick follows a fairy tale story of sex magic. Boy meets girl, boy must have girl, boy must become a man going through many trials and tribulations including having his penis removed and replaced with a horse's penis. The fighting scenes and the sexing scenes are equally well choreographed and Amy Yip is a beauty to behold. You'll definitely be wanting to see more of her. I watched this one with my girlfriend and she loved it. Be warned though watching this with your lover may require you to learn some dangerous new tricks.

When I was a kid Flesh Gordon was legendary yet I some how missed seeing it until my adult years when we looked into screening it at the Trash Film Orgy. I was surprised to find the film isn't actually a porn but rather of a soft core, parody of the sci-fi serials. The film is of course sex obsessed in the silliest and most innocent ways and features many, many boobies, though I've not gotten an exact account. Flesh must save the planet Earth from an evil sex ray that turn Earthlings into sex crazed maniacs causing mass orgies to erupt all over the planet. In a penis shaped space ship Flesh flies off to do battle with Emperor Wang the Perverted. I got a great laugh out of the flick and we would have loved to have screened it at The Crest! Too bad we weren't able to get a good print. Good news for you though, the film is readily available on DVD. Female lead Cindy Hopkins is extremely cute so those of you looking for pornorific qualities may still find this flick to your liking.

The Devil in Miss Jones opens with Miss Jones slitting her writs in the bathtub. OK that's a strange opening for a porno. Miss Jones then heads on down to hell where she is to experience all of the things that might have made life worth living had she tried them before it was to late. Georgina Splevins is a beautiful woman but the film is more strange than good and even the strange is all used up in the first few scenes. After that it's boring sex scene after boring sex scene. One of the only times I've looked at a porno and thought, "I should have just read the book."

The New Wave Hookers series is arty, strange, and hilarious. It's no wonder we find Gregory Dark who produced the series as half of "The Dark Brothers" now working quite successfully in the music video industry. He even did a video for Britney Spears but after he nonchalantly mentioned some of his films Britney and her label quickly disassociated themselves.

The NWH films feature some of the best know actresses, Chasey Lain, Savanna, Madison, Nikki Dial and easily the weirdest scenes and plots ever seen, even within the weird world of porn. Actors with cages over their heads, sex scenes between clowns, sex scenes featuring men in giant duck suits, you get the idea. The Dark Brothers seem to believe porno should be imaginative and fun. Their films took porno into the MTV era with fast editing and pure candy visuals.

NWH Two losers, black hustler, Jamal and punk rocker, Jimmy fall asleep while watching TV and dream, simultaneously that they dress like Devo and run a call girl service using the "hottest new-wave tunes" to turn their "employees" into mindless sex zombies. Did I mention Sushi Scene (nuff said)!

NWH#2 The lost, underwater city of Atlantis is full of women! The men wear flippers on their feet and lamp shades on their heads.

NWH#3 When Frank takes some "friendly" advice from his attorney, he ends up losing his wife to a Prostitute Training Center called the Deep House. Features the notorious Quacking Duck Man Scene!

NWH#4 Midget Santa Clause Sex Scene. YAY!

The term Blue Vanities is used to describe classic porn, especially early stag films and peep show and strip tease reels. As soon as the moving picture camera was invented it was aimed at naked women and soon after at couples en flagrante. Some of the older films are very charming and genuinely sexy featuring more teasing and titillation and less "Hey look this fits in here!" Especially handy (pun not intended but appreciated) if you are throwing a bachelor or bachelorette party and would like to stick with tradition without sacrificing good taste. Warning, even this far back when a male/female couple is on the screen it's usually not very erotic and gets tiresome pretty quickly ending up with a bored looking woman and an unneeded anatomical study. I'd say stick with the strip teases and the bad girl fetish type flicks Betty Page became known for and you'll have a grand old time.

Telemundo? Porn? Well when you're a wee young lad and your parents use the V-chip to block even Mtv what to do, what to do. Those urges are stirring and visual stimulation is a must. Mom hasn't been leaving the women's magazines out with the sexy underwear ads. Luckily few parents think to block the Spanish language channel and happily the Spanish language channels put sex in every show from The News to sitcoms to the market report. Think I'm exaggerating. Let's look at Xuxa. Kid's show hostesses did not look like this when I was a young-un sufferin' through Mr. Rogers. Romper Room takes on a whole new meaning! Xuxa wears hot pants, go-go boots, mid drifts and that's when she's feeling modest. She frequently breaks into can can dancing with a line of similarly clad lovelies, but I only have eyes for her.

There's a widely circulated rumor that Xuxa did a true porn flick. Don't believe it. She has posed for some more adult type model shoots but doesn't seem to have done any nudes. Actually the only differences between the adult photos and what you'll see on the kids show is that on the telly she's smilin' more which I find right sexy. UPDATE 11/29/06: Well, she WAS in an adult film, but body doubles were used for the sex scenes of the film's main actresses. More information at Wikipedia, Click Here.

Archie comics and better yet Betty and Veronica could always be counted on to help youngsters develop fetishes. My grandpa used to supply me with these comics and then, after I turned 18 he started passing his playboy magazines onto me. He understood. The message to parents on the Archie Comics official page nearly killed me considerin' what these comics have come to mean to me. Personally I prefer Veronica, but then I've always sided with the bad girls. Ya know, on second though, maybe I do like Betty more. The innocence thing is just a front, I'm sure of it. Thank god I don't have to actually decide.

Before the hate mail rolls in, let me admit this is not a definitive list. My most glaring admission would have to be Behind the Green Door, but I have not seen it yet. Green Door was produced by the Mitchell Brothers. Rated X is a great film with Emelio Estevez and Charlie Sheen as The Mitchells. Boogie Nights is another great fiction film about the wild world of 70's porn. Porn Star- The Legend of Ron Jeremy is a good, if not particularly deep documentary on one of porns most well known and confusing stars.

Friday, November 4, 2005

I'm Will Ferrell

I continue to get strange jobs. The company that is promoting Will Ferrell's "Kicking and Screaming" DVD release just hired me to play Will Ferrell at some live events. I get to wear the blue and black tiger track suit, and I HOPE, a pair of glasses like he has in this pic.

I'm told I look like Will Ferrell on a daily basis, though I don't see it. I'll get pics up of me in the outfit after I do the gig on November 8th. Should be much fun.

I used the picture of me in the banana outfit to get the gig, and I'm told the folks at the promotions company were cracking up when they saw it. Yay. Being a dork pays off yet again.

Thursday, November 3, 2005


I'm too old for this crap. I took my nephew to the skate park again. It's the third or fourth time we've gone together but it's the first time I've actually skated. It felt so good to be on the half pipe. It's been YEARS since I've skated one. I couldn't do any tricks, just back and fourth, back and fourth the occasional back side turn.

I fell, a-lot, and apparently I landed on my elbow, a-lot. The picture at right is not me, but I swear to you on my big swollen elbow that is exactly what it looked like. Gruesome. My friend Paul Imagine went with us and he was very excited about my swellbow, and about the term swellbow in general. Check out for more cool swellbow pics. And dudes, wear you're elbow pads. (Please note, I use dude as a nongender specific term. I certainly hope you female dudes will wear your elbow pads as well.)

Expect to see more pictures of me beating myself up as I plan to keep going back to the skate park.

New Story- The Clinic

I put up a new story at Mostly True detailing my adventures at the free clinic where I went to see if I could have my sinus infection dealt with. I had to contend with a born again surf punk trying to save me, beaurocrat silliness trying to make sure I wasn't really some wealthy guy scamming the city out of free health care and topping it all off, a doctor who did not understand a word I said. Ah, life is sweet when you have no health insurance.

You may ask "What does this have to do with bagels?" Plenty. You'll have to read it. You can do so by clicking Here!

Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Selling Blood at All My Jobs

"The stab lab, where a few bucks can be made (very few) in exchange for hours of sitting around waiting for test results so that a big needle can be shoved in your arm, your blood removed, separated into plasma and that other stuff that isn’t plasma. The other stuff is returned to you and then you get a cookie and a Dixie cup of punch along with your payment. " Read the rest at

And if you're dying to see pictures of my colon I finally got pictures up at click the small picture to see the full size puss oozing monstrosity.