Thursday, May 28, 2015

How Patreon Works

My audience is spread out over the globe. I'm stoked when I can actually reach people to perform live, but there's only so much of that I can do, what with me actually wanting to be present for my kid's childhood and all. Youtube is a great way for me to entertain beyond where I can physically reach, and Patreon is a great way to actually make a career out of that.

The way Patreon works:

People sign up to be patrons, and pledge to pay me every time I upload a stand up comedy video. Usually, a buck a video. Everyone gets to see the stand up videos, whether they sponsor me or not. It just allows those who can and want to help out to do so.

Patrons can limit how much they get billed a month. I aim to make 4 videos a month. You can limit your pay out to $4 max a month, you can even limit it to $1 max a month.

As a reward I post one video a month (or more) just for Patrons, and I don't charge for that one.

I like living in the future.

You can find my Patreon page at:
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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Banana Story

I'm getting weekly videos up online again. You can help keep this happenings, and help improve the quality, and also get to see exclusive content. More information at Http://

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Trigger Warnings

I tweeted about a news story on Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson, and in doing so I included a "trigger warning" along with the link which resulted in the following exchange (My replies in bold):

He sucks. but dude "trigger warning" come on, you're a comedian. cut that shit out.

Why? What could possibly wrong with letting people know that I'm linking to graphic descriptions of violence? And what does it have to do with me being a comedian?
My dad, a strong, intelligent man, can have his day ruined by 'Nam footage. He suffered trauma
It's wrong to help him avoid this?

Comedians and free speech go hand in hand. this guys a dick. people should be told he's a dick. when you have to give a warning about it you're just giving power to people to stop you from speaking your mind down the road

Wrong. Letting people who've suffered trauma make informed choices didn't stop me from linking that story.
The warning wasn't about calling him a dick. It was warning victims of violent trauma about graphic descriptions of violence.
The backlash against it feels like shaming them for being susceptible to triggers.

Some songs make me cry, do I need a warning for them? the world is tough, things will upset people, it sucks, but it happens.

You crying at a sad song is the same as what a victim of violent trauma suffers? Shaming, belittling. You know any such victims?

Not being able to report a story because it might upset someone is bordering on a creepy factor i don't understand.

Also, you still have failed to support the idea that it will limit what I can say in any way.
Straw man. I did report the story.
And the warning made it easier to do so, not harder.

I just don't get it. should every news paper and news channel need a trigger warning?
Do you have to give trigger warnings now before jokes? when i see comedians or anyone talk I expect I might be offended. NBD.

You don't "have" to do anything. When you're able to, and choose to, it's a kind and considerate action.
My act never has long, drawn out descriptions of violence. If it did, I'd probably warn people.
In fact, when I hosted Spike and Mike's Festival of Animation, I did warn people, and my warning was funny.
NPR often gives one. It's great. I don't see the harm. It allows them more freedom to deliver the hard news.
You compare being offended to what a victims of violent trauma experience. Again, belittling. Do you know anyone suffering PTSD?

Yes. And there's no escaping words/articles/pictures. We have to help people because you can't constantly be sheltered.

Sure. And when you're able to let someone know what's ahead, do so. I still don't see the harm in a friendly warning.

There's always something that will offend someone. Where does it end?
Yesterday a group was asking for people to do jazz hands cuz clapping was causing anxiety. Maybe I'm dumb, I just don't get it

You're talking about offense again. Straw man. I never warned people they might be offended. That's not what trigger means.
Yesterday other people were building sidewalk ramps to make my city more accessible. Some efforts are good, some not...
I thought we were talking about trigger warnings?

And that's where it ends. Please note, I did correct some grammar and one major typo to make it more readable. You can read it on Twitter if you wish, HERE:

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Workout Room

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