Tuesday, November 22, 2011

SF Sketchfest

I have been invited to perform at the 2012 San Francisco Sketchfest, one of the coolest comedy festivals in the country and I couldn't be more excited. I'm booked for three shows at the fest.

I'm performing on January 20th on The Stand Up Showcase at The Purple Onion.

On January 27th and 28th I'm hosting the Myq Kaplan and Sheng Wang show at The SF Punch Line!

See my calendar on the right of this site for specifics (Double click on the date you want more info. on)

Friday, November 11, 2011

Reviews for Cats Made of Rabbits

I'm very pleased, stoked even, with the reviews for Cats Made of Rabbits so far. Its nerve wracking when you finish a project and send it out and then you wait, at the mercy of the critics. One of the first responses I got was a text from Mark S. Allen of Mark at The Movies saying it was "Brilliant" and "F@(*ing Fabulous". This had me feeling confident as I waited for more feedback. Here are some highlights with links to the articles. You can buy the album or DVD here: Amazon.com or at KLJShop.com, iTunes and lots of other places.

"4 STARS!"
TimeOut New York

"Cats Made of Rabbits is every bit as deserving of your laughter as one by Jim Gaffigan or Louis C.K."


"The best part of Jensen’s “Cats Made of Rabbits” was his take on duck vaginas. His transition into the unusual subject was classic. And in trademark Jensen style, the crowd gets to learn from him about something they never thought they would hear at a comedy show."

"a fun and funny DVD that is well worth watching"

Mass Movement Magazine, UK

"covering job hunting, marijuana legalization and a wonderful atheist knock-knock joke there is some genuinely entertaining material here"

"Jensen’s act is at its strongest when he is weaving stories down bizarre pathways"


"Jensen is an engaging personality and, while edgy and – for the narrow-minded – offensive, he’s not abrasive. He’s genial and friendly and draws you in with his understated style. And, he’ll make you laugh. Out loud."


"The way he describes his own homophobia is hysterical"

"don't let the "atheist" tag fool you, as Lowell Jensen has much more to offer than just that"


"one might get the idea that Jensen is really weird"

Sacramento News and Review

"very funny, original, and sometimes daring"