Friday, February 17, 2006

Don't Get Sick

I have a $300 deductable on the drugs I'm being prescribed. A probiotic suplement, which my doctor reccommended and prescribed, will run me $210 per month and is not covered by my insuranc since it's over the counter. Accupuncture is $60 a visit and so, even though I'm optimistic that it's working and it's a much better alternative than the pill pusher who can't seem to remember which patient he's seeing (a story I'll have to put up one of these days) I may have to discontinue it as I am just a working man. I pay a $25 deductable everytime I see my general practitioner, so I really question every visit. I'll send an e-mail; Heres what going on with me. Are you sure you need to see me?

It's depressing how much I'm spending trying to be healthy. I means I'm dependent on my job, more than I've ever been. It's a new phase of my life brought about by sour guts. I am no longer a hobo waiting to happen.

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KLJ said...

I'm clicking on your ads every day dude. Hope that helps with the probiotic tab or at least pays for the blog where you get to talk about the probiotics.

God bless.