Friday, March 30, 2007

New Awful Post

Wow. This is one amazing example of "Truly Awful Stuff."
To read more about it check out the latest post at

Thursday, March 29, 2007

No Moleste Mi Bicicleta

So, as I walked from my office out into the warehouse to grab my bike, this is what I found.

The first view is me looking UP at my bike from the ground. My bike you see was NOT ON the ground. My bike was three shelves up above my head. This is not where I parked it, but it's where I found it.

Here you can see that the shelf was clearly labeled; "KEITH PARKIN." And so I can't really argue that the bike did not belong where I found it.

In the past I have found my bike with zip ties, many zip ties preventing the tires from moving, with a teddy bear in the driver's seat, and hanging from a hook. I stole the hook, which is why they had to actually put the bike up on a shelf this time. Perhaps I'll give back the hook.

When I arrived there, on my bike, I demanded, loudly, "No moleste mi bicicleta!" This brought a good round of laughter from my Columbian pals, and then my bike on a shelf. And now, now I plot revenge. Suggestions welcome. Keep in mind, I do have a forklift available and I do know how to drive it.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

P P P Please

That subject line is my best Roger Rabbit impersonation.
Please vote for my comedy troupe as best Sacramento theatre group. We got nominated late so we have to make up for lost time. Check out to see just how dserving we are.
We REALLY appreciate it. .
Love love love.

Here's the link:

Look how freakin' cute we are. How can you not vote for us. And leave lots of comments at the voting page too! cuz we're cute. Yeah. And we put out, especially Sid.


Monday, March 26, 2007

Truly Awful on The Radio

Today, my friend Brett and I will be on Insight, on KXJZ (90.9 in Sacramento) at around 1:45.

We'll be talking about our awful stuff webiste,

You can listen live at
Or, if you miss the show it will be archived HERE.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

O'Reilly, FOR KIDS?

I put up a new post at

Okay, don't think we're getting partisan on you here. True two guys who are this good looking, this smart, this poor and who know how to use the internet don't need to tell you that they're pretty far to the left, but that's not why this book is qualifying as awful.
Click Here to read the rest.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bush is Bad For Comedians

At first you think, "WOW this guy Bush, he's so great. He says such crazy things, comedy writers they must love him. " and that was true, for a time. He refused to testify without his buddy with him during the 9/11 probe. He managed to mess up any speech more complicate than "Howdy." This is good stuff, sure to inspire some hilarious send ups.

But now he's taken it to far. He just came out and said that Rove and Meyers could testify, but in private and not under oath! This is amazing. That our president, the leader of the free world (sorta) would say such a ridiculous thing, and call it his "Reasonable proposal," Well, some might think this is the best comedy fodder you could ask for. No. The you would be mistaken.

The jokes all written. Every two bit hack comic in the country has only to repeat Bush's words and they bring the house down. Wheres the artistry, the skill of a good comic writer? Even the great John Stewart himself had to rely mostly on the tape of the man in charge to bring the very generous laughs. Nothing we could say or write would ever come close to the hilarity of Bush, with a straight face offering this preposterous deal.

And he's no fool. It's all a master conspiracy. You see; It is us, the comics, the funny people who have fueled the increasingly powerful new left. And now, Bush is systematically taking us apart, waging psychological warfare. He has us spinning in circles and scratching our heads. Watch out my funny friends, Larry The Cable Guy is involved somehow, of this I'm sure.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I Hate Kenneth Walton

So this fucking guy right, he graduates high-school, goes to college, passes the bar, already he's like miles ahead of me right. Fucker. With all his successful ways.

But is he happy. NOoooooo. Apparently being an attorney is boring. So he starts selling art on e-bay and he's good at it. Well here's where little Mr. Precious fucks up. He cheats. Shill bids, a wee bit of forgery, that kind of thing. He gets caught. He's looking at prison.

HAHA. Great story. We all love watching the successful fall right? RIGHT? Well screw y'all, I know I do. And so do the readers of the New York Times and every other paper in the country. This dude getting busted selling a fake painting by some hotshot whose name I'm too lazy to try and spell is BIG news. End of story?

No. This son of a bitch, while waiting to be sentenced, builds up a software company selling software for use with e-bay of all things, and he builds it up to the point that he sells it for enough money to pay for all the damages and lawyers fees and loans and then he writes a goddam book about it all and it gets published by a big time publishing house and now he's way ahead of me again before I even had a chance to look down on the son of a bitch. FUCKER.

HE's also a really nice guy and his book is really good but that just makes me hate him more.

My Dad reads my blogs

My mom always said that if we got away with something as kids, she didn't need to know about it now. I respect that and so I've instructed her not to read my blogs. My dad and I have no such deal. Religiously my dad is agnostic and morally, well, let's say I'm probably more of a moralist than my dad. So, how do I feel about him reading my blogs?

Well, fine, I guess. I mean, I do like his feedback regarding my writing and he's wonderfully supportive, but there are many things I've done that he'd probably not guess that I've done. Though he does surprise me. He doesn't assume I haven't done drugs. We were driving once and he said to me, "Whatever decisions you've made regarding drugs, apparently you've done alright."

"Uh, thanks dad." I answered, uncomfortable. I can't help wondering how it would affect my relationship with my dad for him to know all that I've done in my life. We were getting along great even as I was doing things that he would have found most unwise. But, he's a pretty smart guy. It probably wouldn't matter at all.

So I sent me dad an e-mail. I told him I was cool with him reading my blogs, but that as he read All My Jobs he would come across some surprising stuff. I assured him that I wasn't gay, but that it was, um, other stuff. It was an awkward e-mail at best and when he didn't respond I got way uptight and worried that I'd alienated him. I didn't bring it up again.

Then, earlier this week I was talking to my dad about whether or not I should invest a thousand bucks to have my manuscript edited by a really good editor. "I don't know dad. I see lots of people with no talent throwing money at their shit and expecting it to help."

"Well, don't worry about that. You've got the talent." Like I said, my dad's very supportive. "You want me to read this thing?"

"What? Oh, um, well I wasn't sure you wanted to. I mean, I sent you that e-mail warning you that it could be a bit, uh, revealing and all."

"Oh yeah that. Why'd you assure me that you weren't gay? Like I'd worry about that."

"It's not that I thought you'd worry about it, it's just the only thing that I'm innocent of."

My dad laughed and told me he'd be comfortable reading the book if I was. I told him I'd think it over. I'll probably let him read it.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Truly Awful

My friend Brett and I have started a new website to celebrate, and hopefuly get rid of some of the truly awful things we've given each other in the past few years.
Check it out,
And be our MySpace pal at

Friday, March 16, 2007


Having another of those "How the hell did I end up here?" kinda days.
Being dependent on my job for healthcare is still hard for me to deal with. I feel less free to take risks now that I need prescriptions medicines to keep me healthy, not they work all that well. Sometimes I feel like saying, hey, pull my freakin' colon out, keep it, and be done with it. But I guess it would be pretty naive to think that you just walk away from a colonectomy and never look back. In fact I'm sure there's all manner of drugs after such an operation. (Oh, and for those of you close to me, don't worry. I'm just being a drama queen, I'm nowhere near the surgery stage in my illness. I promise.)

I never did get to Europe. I hardly ever go camping or road tripping any more. I guess these are the things bumming me out at the moment. Feeling like I have settled into a boring and predictable routine with a non rewarding job and weekends around the house, which isn't even a house but a little apartment.

And of course there's an easy solution. I think I'll see about helping out at The Horse Cow this weekend or next and maybe camp out by the river while I do it. Yeah, that's what I'll do, and I'll quit whining on my blog then, yes I will.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Win a debate the Sucks' way

I've been observing this Atheism Sucks character in his natural environment, on myspace.
I'm like a birdwatcher. I've compiled my field notes and condensed them down to the key observations. What I present here is a guide to Sucks Fighting Style. Not as effective as Drunken Monkey but better than Buttered Penguin.

1) Lots of insults and name calling. Some good ones are baldspot, skank and nincompoop. If you can find a physical attribute that you think your opponent may be insecure about be sure to capitilize on it. Another effective approach is name calling: If you have a young women wearing anything more revealing than a burka. Calling her a slut or a tramp is a time honored and still often effective approach.

2) Ask questions that make no sense and when the person your debating asks for clarification refuse. Announce yourself superior.

3) Set your blog comments to appear by your approval so you can pick and choose which you let through. THIS ONE'S VERY IMPORTANT.

4) Try to find personal information on the person you want to tear apart. Present in a ridiculously biased manner. For instance, "With the help of his devoted girlfriend, Sapient has built a strong following that is gaining momentum from his basement!" becomes a slanderous attack on this freeloading loser who lives in his mom's basement.

5) Refuse to debate the chief subject of your attacks on his forum, saying he doesn't debate on fair grounds, but still present every debate he is in, where he of course has an unfair advantage, as an example of him losing.

6) Scour the internet for any examples of people holding the differing viewpoint who don't seem smart to you. Especially nice if you can find a young girl. Ridicule them and hold them up as an example of this viewpoint.

7) When your immature behavior and innabillity to even draw much of an audience to begin with leads the subject of your hatred, er, sorry I mean the subject of your intense God inspired love to refuse to be bothered with you announce that he is afraid of you. The more he doesn't notice you or ignores you completely the more he is afraid of you, even as he debates scholars who you admire. Scholars who of course make a fool out of him, see #5.

So, I'm done with Sucks' blog, but I dont' regret my time there. I actually got turned onto some theists who are much more civil than he is who I am enjoying interacting with very much.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Witness my Hatred and Bitterness

A Myspace exchange:

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Keith Lowell Jensen
Date: Mar 9, 2007 11:51 PM

I'd ask you not to leave prayers and religious writings on my page unless you're comfortable with me leaving my Atheist writings on yours. If you leave such comments again I will assume that it's you giving me permission to post such.
Thanks. Peace,

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Omitted out of respect for privacy
Date: Mar 10, 2007 7:33 AM

If you don't like it, you can always delete me as a friend.

Thank you,

(And they signed their nom de plume here)

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Keith Lowell Jensen
Date: Mar 10, 2007 9:08 AM

Well, like I said, I will have to assume that it's an invitation for me to behave in kind. If that's okay with you than by all means, have at it.

----------------- Original Message -----------------
From: Omitted out of respect for privacy
Date: Mar 10, 2007 9:27 AM

Keith, I am not afraid of you and your aethiest writings. When you stand before God on judgement day, you will have to answer for each and everyone of them. Why you have decided to deny your maker and creator is beyond me. Why you have decided to display such feelings of hatred and bitterness to a believer in Christ says a lot about your own heart.

Either way Keith, regardless of what you believe, there is a God who loves you, who created you, and who sent his one and only perfect son, Jesus Christ, clothed in man's flesh, to die on a cross for you. Your sin put him there. He was (is) perfect in every way shape and form, and when he died, it was your face that he saw. He did this for you. He is offering you a gift of grace, of complete forgiveness of your sins, and all you have to do is ask him for it.

I sincerely hope you find your way to him, and in all sincerity, I will keep you in my prayers.

In His Love,
Their name went here

And my final reply which recieved no response other than them cancelling me as their friend:

Where have I shown you bitterness or hatred?
I certainly don't feel these things.

All my correspondence with you can be read by scrolling down. Please show me where I've been bitter or hateful so I can avoid coming across that way in the future.

I simply wanted to make sure we understood each other. I will welcome you expressing your beliefs on my site only if I'm given equal courtesy on yours. That's fair isn't it?

As for your curiosity about why I deny my maker and such, my Hindu and Muslim friends wonder the same about you. I love them despite our differences in belief and believe me, please, I bear you no ill will either.


PS: If you really do want an detailed explanation of why I am not a Christian let me know. I'd be happy to write it up.

I thought it was a strange little exchange. And before anybody freaks out on me, I'm not judging all Christians here. This is just one exchange with one looney, that is all. One looney with a seriously strong need to feel like a martyr.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Vegetarian Discussion

Okay, first things first, I'm not preaching at ya here. I was vegan for 15 years, and for 15 years I wanted people to understand that I'm not one "those vegans." You know, the preachy, you can't eat meat in front of 'em type. Not me. I'll even let you cook a burger on my BBQ grill, just leave half the grill for me and my grilled veggies.

Now, I'm eating fish and eggs but still no dairy or other meat. A medical diet I was on eliminated all of my vegan protein sources and so, my new diet. I'm now a Keith-an. No, I don't eat Keiths.

A regular commenter here at, Crowliosis suggested we have it out on the vegan discussion. Unlike a certain Mr. Sucks, Crow is fun to disagree with. He's smart and respectful and knows how to do more than sling accusations and insults.

So, here goes, in two parts, my argument for veganism.


  • I will not argue that it is unethical for one animal to eat another. It's what animals due. Going extinct is also what many animals due. Our intelligence is hopefully a useful trait that can give us an advantage over less intelligent animals, meaning we can make decisions to our advantage. I'm arguing against the idea that eating meat is right because it's natural. I'll go further, we don't really like being natural all that much. Rape it can be argued is natural, as is having way too many babies.Speaking of too many babies, there are over six billion people on the planet. This makes eating meat an environmentally disastrous decision as it is a most inefficient use of resources. Rainforests are cleared for cattle grazing, and any one whose traversed California on highway 99 has seen way too many cows crowded together on too small a plot of land. Then there's the horrors of pig-shit, way too much of it and nowhere to put it.

  • Feeding so many people also means more efficient ways of raising the animals. One does not need to be opposed to the killing part of meat to be disgusted by the way they are treated prior to the killing. Factory farms would give even your staunchest meat lover a nightmare. Yes, you can get meat from smaller farms. It's not practical for feeding such a big population but if you must eat the stuff, it's the way to go.

  • So where does dairy fit in? It's just as bad or worse environmentally, and from the cruelty angle, I'd rather be a meat cow who at least has the relief of death at a comparatively young age than a milk cow.

To summarize, crowded planet means more efficient diets needed to benefit already strained environment and to avoid inhumane methods of producing great quantities of meat and dairy.

2) Nutrition.

This is where I could use more learning, and perhaps I'll get some if we get a good discussion going here.

  • What I do know is that the calcium argument doesn't hold water. Milk's not that great a source, we get plenty from Spinach and other green and especially leafy green veggies. Plus without enough magnesium a-lot of the calcium goes right through, or worse it gets deposited where it's neither needed or wanted. The western diet is thought by some to be too high in calcium and there are studies suggesting that Asian women having easier menstrual cycles and some other advantages maybe related to their much lower consumption of dairy.

  • Protein. Again, there are plenty of sources of protein other than meat. Beans, lentils, legumes, wheat, nuts, etc. And again, the American diet is crazy high in fatty proteins. Yes, I'll admit that it's crazy high in Carbs too, but it's easier to be a low carb vegan than you may think.

  • B complex vitamins. There's still a-lot debate on this one. Some argue that you can't get it without eating animals, others suggest that you can get it by eating what those animals eat, ie raw green foods. I think the more live vegetables and fruit in your diet the better.

There are cultures who've eaten vegetarian and vegan diets for centuries and others who are close. It's proven to be nutritionally sufficient to maintain health.

So that's my argument so far.

And just for fun, what would I eat first if I had too. Already answered a bit by what I am eating. This list takes ethics and nutrition into account.

  1. Fish, not farmed and caught using hooks not net and only species that are still found in abundance.
  2. Eggs, from cage free well fed chickens, cause you eat what they eat.
  3. Beef.
  4. Dairy. I think it's bad stuff for grown up animals. No other animal consumes milk except in it's infancy from it's mother, oh and raccoons but only if we hold the cows still for 'em.
  5. Pigs. Pig shit is seriously a big problem and pork, way not healthy. Sorry Jones, if you read this far.
And one last though. Ted Nugent is so not my enemy on this one. We both have a common enemy in fact, factory farming. He says you shouldn't eat if you ain't willing to kill it and I agree. Of course ALL of us hunting would be a disaster but my guess is people would eat a whole lot less beef.

To comment without registering, just hit comment and then select anonymous. You can then enter your name if you wish and you don't have to register.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Vermillion Lies and More

I'm exhausted. Up late doing homework and cramming for a test. I've got to learn not to put things off until the last minute, but if it aint happened yet, well...

Friday I read some poems and stories and even a couple of dreams at a Bukowski tribute. It was cool. Very different from doing comedy. And about 70 people showed up, to see poetry in a bar on a Friday night. That's pretty cool. The bar was the speak easy lounge, below Cafe New Orleans in Old Sac. It used to be The Union and i worked there as a waitor. It was neat to be back. I got on stage and said "I used to wait tables here."

"And now you're reading poetry, that's a step down." a guy heckled from the audience.

I felt like saying, "Thanks for telling my opening joke asshole, now you wanna come up and read my fucking poems?" but instead I just laughed at his dumb joke that was supposed to be my dumb joke, knowing I would have told it better and I went on with my reading. I was well received and when I mentioned my website someone shouted out Ritalin, which was cool. A reader! (Dear reader, I'll get back to Ritalin soon, I promise.)

Saturday, by strange coincidence Bryna took me to the same bar to see Vermillion Lies. They're awesome. Two sisters doing vaudeville type stuff with a little pinch of burlesque. It occured to me that I'd gotten quite old when two very pretty sisters in sexy outfits evoke the thought, "Rad. They're parents must be so tickled at this." But it's true. I'd be so proud if I had daughters traveling around together making music and doing it so uniquely and so well. Hey, they're on tour, go check 'em out, or if they're not getting near you, buy their CD to help support them. They deserve it. Their myspace page is

Friday, March 9, 2007

Megen's Law

I'm against it.

What?!!! (sound of screeching tires, needle pulled off record, baby crying) Did I just say that I hate America, love kicking puppies and want to have sex with your grandma?

Why would I be opposed to this wonderful law that lets us all know where the child molesters are?

Let me see if I can explain it. I feel like we shouldn't let these guys out at all if we have so little faith that they're recuperated. The recidivism rates are very high, so what should we do about it? Stop letting them out so soon. If you let someone out but you make sure the whole world knows that they're a kid fucker you seriously decrease their chance of making it. Decrease their chance of making it and you increase the chance of them committing the crime again.

Prisoners who have trouble adjusting to the outside world often commit the same crime that got them locked up to begin with in order to go back. I'm not saying they'd do this heinous thing just to get back in, but they'd be less likely to fight the urges if getting caught meant going back to prison and going back to prison didn't sound so bad when they can't get a job, their neighbors hate them and want them dead, and all this is compounded by the emotional turmoil all ex-cons go through.

So, if you can't let them out with a chance at of rejoining society, don't let 'em out at all. Maybe someday we'll get to understand them, and we can rehabilitate, until then keep the baby fuckers.

And one only sort of related thoughts: There is no victim that tugs at our heart strings more than a kid whose been abused by an adult, until that kid grows up and becomes that adult and then there is no one who inspires more hatred.

Hot Little Nymphos revisited

A while back I put up a post on my jobs blog about an interesting "job offer" my friend Amber recieved.
The comments continue to come in and are pretty interesting and creepy.
See for yourself by clicking here.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Random bits

Well, first off a bit of news. My appearance on Infidel Guy's radio show has been postponed. I will let you know the rescheduled dates when they become available.

Too young to quit smoking
My friend Ashley tried to buy the patch, the nicotine patch to help him quit smoking. The woman at the counter told him she couldn't sell it to him as he is under 27 years of age. He explained to her that this made no sense but she told him that the computer said he had to be at least 27 years of age. He bought a pack of smokes instead.

Making a Baby
I was walking down K Street today and a young woman passed me, talking on her cell phone. I overheard;
"Yeah, we s'pose to get a room so's we can make a baby, but I'm like, fuck no, he gonna have to make it hisself."

What's so funny about peace love and understanding?
I walked further and a conservative looking woman passed me. Her sweatshirt betrayed no irony whatsoever. It featured a graphic depicting the outline of the continental United States filled in with camouflage and the words "Peace Through Strength."

The sexless masses yearning to be free (but not too free)
It occurred to me that the most conservative couples I know are also the most androgynous. I don't mean this in a bad way at all; I just happened to notice couples that look a-lot alike. Jeans, t-shirts or sweatshirts often featuring the names of city's they've presumably been to, round faces and bodies, short hair, no make up. In a weird sort of way they're very progressive without knowing it.

A Country Song I Wrote


Well I finally found a way
To cope with the pain
That you left in my heart dear
The day you boarded that train

Well I sat right down here
In front of my TV
I've been here ever since
You took your love from me

There's a travellin' man
And he takes me touring
To foreign lands

He don't talk about love no
He knows not of loss
He just talks hotel, motel
And how much it will cost

And My TV
Will not leave me
So to my TV
Faithful will I be

Well I home shopped
I bought some great things
A fancy bird watchers clock
Every hour a new bird sings

I watch the Chinese news
Spanish soap operas too
I don't understand them
But they never mention you

I got my couch
all to myself
I don't share my popcorn
With no one else

I got my black box
my remote control too
I got so many channels
I Got No Room For You

And My TV
Will Not Leave Me
So To My TV
Faithful will I be

If ya click here you can hear a very rough recording made about five minutes after St Simon and I finished writing the music. That's Simon singing. Sid's going to sing this in the next ICBINC show I'll video it and get a youtube up.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Yes, I'm an idiot

Okay, so I should just let it go.
But I won't.
This guy, he just infuriates me.

His myspace profile name is Atheism Sucks, so I should've known better and, again, all the more reason why I should just let it go. (Mind you, a site called Christianity Sucks would strike me as being just as ridiculous.)

So, anyway, someone just used the expression "Begs the question..." and they followed that with the freakin' question, the way I assume one should. And it reminded me of this insane debate I had with this guy. He would accuse me of dodging no matter what I said, and he'd say "Begs the question." but not follow up with a question, he was just all out a moron, or else I am, it just has to be one or the other in this case.

Got in a conversation with another theist and... she's so cool .Polite, well reasoned, I'm really enjoying our conversation, debate, whatever. And she understands that if I question her theory, attacking what she assumes is mine isn't a response. So, I'm pretty sure this guy is a moron.

What do you think? Read the "debate" by clicking here
and note how insanely friendly I tried to be. I am a pretty friendly guy for the most part.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Infidel Guy

I'll be a guest on the Infidel Guy's radio show this Thursday at 5pm pacific standard time, 8pm east coast.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Yup, it's my birthday

So yeah, todays my birthday. I bought some trade paper backs (comic books, only bigger) with money that I got as presents. I picked up:
Peepshow: The Cartoon Diary of Joe Matt

Alan Moore's The Complete Future Shocks

and Jeffrey Brown's I Am Going To Be Small

And, sorry to be obnoxious (no I'm not) but my sister in law told me to put the link to my Amazon wish list again like a jolly little materialist. So, here it is:

My Wish List

Later I'll break out the camera and tell you of all the great gifts I received already.

Friday, March 2, 2007


I will allow myself the conceit of believing that I'm more important than a piece of broccoli but I'm guessing the broccoli would disagree, as would certain folks.

Paraphrased from a debate I was having online. I liked it.


It's just taking too long to get it together.
I wanted to have all my photos ready and what not, but I just can't wait. I need to write and get feedback. I got a jones for it, ya know?
So, I'm three entries deep in Ritalin, my latest and most ambitious blog yet.
You can start at entry one by clicking HERE.
Please let your friends know and leave comments. The more comments the more I'm inspired to write quickly.

Just a few copies left

And I want to sell 'em so I can hurry with publishing my next book, The Atheist Survival Guide.

Oh Holy Day
and other stories
by Keith Lowell Jensen

Click on the book to find out how you can pick one up online, or if you're in Sacramento visit Toy Room Gallery, Body Tribe Fitness, The Book Collector or The Crest Theatre to buy one in person.
The main story features an atheist who loves Christmas playing Santa in a depressed mall.

If you want me to write in the book let me know, otherwise I don't and then people bitch at me and then I write about them in my next book and it aint pretty.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Macy's bathrooms and Cookies from Preachers

Yesterday was a strange one for sure.

My friend Becca gave my number to Mark who is starting a church in midtown. Mark wants to talk to people in midtown and get a feel for the community he is looking to work within. Becca suggested he talk with me, a moralist/atheist to get a perspective he might not find otherwise. He agreed and asked if he could buy me a cup of coffee. I met with him at Temple and opted for a cookie, joking that it was buy an atheist a cookie day. He suggested it was also have coffee with a pastor day.

We talked, mostly about midtown but also about morality, God, all that good stuff. I told him I didn't like the politics of God or Jesus as represented by the bible and that I thought we'd never endorse such leadership in our leader here. Why, I asked, am I free to lead my life being a good guy here in America despite my disputes with my leaders and yet, according to his beliefs he serves a God who wouldn't afford me such privilege in heaven. He thought it was a good question, and surprised me in saying he'd not been asked such before. He said he'd have to think on it.

I was really impressed. What a nice, honest guy. I hope I do get to talk to him again.

After I left this meeting I went to Macy's with Bryna. She had some manner of gift certificate. Embarrassing admission here: I actually worried about being seen at Macy's. Yeah, I know, lame, insecure, all that. I though to myself, if anyone asks I'll just say I'm here to steal shit. Heh heh.

Anyway, I had to go to the bathroom. Both regular sized stalls were occupied so I settled into the big handicapped stall. The guy in the first stall took a phone call! He was talking, in a moaning sort of "I'm taking a shit" voice. He wasn't speaking any language I knew so I can't tell you what he was saying, but then, the dude next to me started singing. Some modern soul type stuff. He didn't have a very nice voice. I was glad the stall I was in had it's own sink. I washed my hands in privacy and left these guys to their singing, pooping and moaning into cell phones. Sheesh.

Sitting outside the dressing room waiting for Bryna, I watched the little TV where some agnostic dude who does a comic strip called Dodo Byrd (I haven't been able to find his site) argued that atheists were as irrational as religious folks and that having faith was a good thing, just so long as you knew you were having faith. See my last post for my response. It seemed like strange TV to be playing at Macy's. Then some video blogger came on talking about the internet being like, way cool, and TV being like, so totally over, and I felt all was right with the universe again.

Why bother with the God thing.

Thanks Jennifer for the graphic
People want to know why I bother with the God question.

It's weird, I think that it's a boring discussion in a way, I don't want to discuss the existence of god anymore than I want to discuss the existence of Leprechauns, but there's the frustrating contingent of people insisting that Leprechauns exist.

They keep trying to waste my tax dollars looking for the pot of gold. They hassle my midget friends. They accuse me of waging a war against St. Patrick's Day if I don't celebrate with corned beef and cabbage. They follow me home when I buy Guinness or Lucky Charms. Leave me alone bastards, I just like to poor Guinness over me Lucky Charms! You'll never get me gold, na ha ha ha ha.

As always, I welcome your comments, but I'd encourage you to post something fun. We've had enough theist/atheist debates to last awhile. I'm not saying you shouldn't express your beliefs, please, have at it, but have fun with it. Erin Go Bragh!

Atheists are as irrational as religious believers

Or more irrational.
This is an argument I've heard a-lot lately, especially from people calling themselves agnostic.

The reasoning is that we atheists believe that something doesn't exist though we have no evidence that it doesn't exist.

If I told you of a lollipop pooping pink rhino that I believe may exist though I have no evidence to present to you, or no evidence that you found credible or scientifically sound, would you be irrational for not believing in this rhino?

If 2,000 years from now your ancestors also did not believe in this rhino would they be irrational?

Do you believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster? If not, does this make you irrational?

I can think of lots of things that you don't believe in and I can make up lots of things for you not to believe in.

Lack of evidence is a perfectly rational reason to believe that something does not exist.

An atheist may believe that there could possibly be other life out there in this big universe, and that this other life could be more advanced than we are currently. Atheists can leave room for lots of possibility in the undiscovered world, but while we work on discovery it is not irrational to let go of the old explanations that were made up in the absence of knowledge.

It was once believed that god "put the baby there." Now we know about sperm and egg and the humping. It was once believed that god responded to the sacrifice of animals. Now we know about the protein in their blood serving as fertilizer, we also know that poop works better. Would it be rational for me to continue believing that god is behind the other mysteries we haven't solved or is it more rational, as a scientific minded person to accept that there are unknowns?

To simplify and summarize let me ask you this; How the hell do you prove something DOESN'T exist? Why, that's just silly. You prove something DOES exist, or you prove that it's likely it DOES exist while you continue to look for absolute proof of it's existence.

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