Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Accupuncture: I feel great

Had my third accuncture visit today. I alwasy feel so great after. For at least a day or two I'm energized and mellow and ready for whatever the world throws at me, which I need as I had a rough day yesterday. In addition to the needles The accupuncturist did a thing this time with little cones of mogwart (sp?) that she placed in strategic spots, in this case on my big toe at the bottom of my nail and also on my head just above the hairline. She then uses a little burning stick, like incense but not stinky and lights the cone. The puts it out with her thumb and it burns for just a second. I got more herbs which taste like hell, and now I get to take twice as much. Lucky me.
I do so want to be healthy.
Going to Santa Cruz soon with my girlfriend. That should help me feel healthy.


john jensen said...


why is my rockass page gone? and raquels? maybe you should stop with the needles in your forehead and put my pages back up

the rev

Anonymous said...

Keith, as a high-speed brain fellow who has tried acupuncture on numerous occasions I have to tell you that acupucture is nice, but working out at a gym twice a day will make you feel great and kill your ADD dead.

And it's cheaper than drugs! Whoo hoo!

If acupuncture is like tea,
30 minutes on a stairclimber turned up to eleven is like an double espresso that lasts for five hours. W00T! Twice a day is about right for me.

fbaum in sf

KLJ said...

John got his RockAss page back.
As for ADD, I'm actually doing accupuncture to help my Colon. I have ulcerative colitis and the drugs aren't helping me.
I hear ya about working out though. I try to have a long walk everyday and to get on my skateboard as often as possible. Right now I'm editing my book so that keeps me sedentary a-lot of the time.