Thursday, June 26, 2008

Transsexual Comedy Ha Has

So, my friend Paige decided to try stand up comedy. Paige premiered her act at a mainstream club in front of a bunch of tax agents who'd come together as some sort of work field-trip or something. Paige is a transsexual about four months into transitioning. They were the perfect audience for that, yeah?I think she did great. She has the material, once the confidence and volume rise a bit, watch out Jay Leno!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Asshole :)

So, I heard tell of a drunk asshole leaving The Crest noisily during the premier of my movie, maybe it was two drunk assholes, reports vary.
At any rate the guy working the door of The Crest asked the (or one of the) drunk asshole(s) if said employee could be off service. "Go look up the word bourgeois, faggot!" came the reply.

What a dick. I hate people who just assume that they're brilliant because they know a word like bourgeois and that nobody else would know that word. I picture them at home looking up new words to help them feel elite. Like bourgeois is such a rare word anyway. Sheesh. Oh well, I had a laugh and moved on. Another report came in, around the time that I first heard it might be two guys, that one of the guys yelled "Fuck the Police" as he was leaving. Okay. I really don't mind if people fuck the police as long as all parties involved are consenting adults.

I've now come to find out that one of these assholes was an old friend of mine. I saw him earlier in the evening, drunk as a skunk. He was there with the mother of his children and I guess their relationship had seen better places. My film has the distinction of being the final straw. He hated it, was offended by it, even commented that he felt sorry for anyone who liked it.

This pisses me off. This friend of mine has always been more radical than me politically, but we've gotten along. I let the Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade guys that he brought to town crash in my living room. I attended a pro-choice rally in SF with him. He was communist, I'm more of a free market democratic-socialist (aka a liberal) but we respected each other. I'm sad to see he has not grown up.

So, my old drunk friend, here is a fuck you. Fuck you for dismissing my movie and talking shit on me without even sticking around long enough to see where I was going with it. Fuck you for not sticking around and for not giving me the benefit of the doubt. Fuck you for being too drunk to be aware of what I was doing anyway. Fuck you for disrespecting me publicly without ever having the balls to discuss it with me face to face (not that your drunk ass would be qualified to discuss a film you dismissed without even seeing it.)

I know those days of fighting the power via random acts of violence and vandalism were very exciting and romantic. Sorry you got stuck there.

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Granddaddy of atheist comics

Goodbye George Carlin.
I'm only sad because I'll miss seeing his HBO specials and because I wanted to shake his hand one day, but I'm glad for him and the amazing life he got to live. He enjoyed more longevity in his career than any comic I can think of. He became a household name and didn't get killed despite saying what everyone else was afraid to say, and I'm sure that his hero, Mr. Lenny Bruce would have been very proud to have had George carrying on that torch. Gorge Carlin will not be soon forgotten.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Uh, yeah, about that....

Boy howdy I sure suck at updating this blog. I like the blogs like this one much better than the clunky old blogs which frankly bite big one, but it is those clunky biters of big ones that get the readership and so I end up doing all my blogging over there. Sorry. I will try to better about copy and pasting the stuff on over to here.

For now let me catch you up. I'm married, been to Italy, haven't done any thank you cards or other post wedding stuff, am approaching the final weekend of a four week run at The Geery theatre in Sacramento with The Coexist Comedy Tour and I've been hitting the open mic at Laugh's Unlimited again for the sake of trying out some new material. Yeah.
Okay then, see ya.

Oh, and if you'd like to visit me there, my myspace is