Thursday, August 26, 2010

Why Lie I Need A Drink on DVD at Last!

CLICK HERE to visit pre-sale page for Why Lie I Need A Drink.
As you may know, I made a movie, a documentary to be precise, called Why Lie I Need A Drink. I had heard many times, while handing a homeless person a dollar, "Don't give them money. They probably make more than you."
Well, for many reasons I just had to know if this was true. So, I got some cardboard and some makers and I went out to see how much money I could make on a freeway offramp!
The experiment landed me on CBS Radio, Spike TV and got me a ridiculous amount of attention on the internet. The film played at theatres in New York, San Francisco, Sacramento and Stockton. Now at long last we're bringing it to DVD. You can pre-order it, and I'll sure appreciate it if you do. And tell a friend because that is who indy films get noticed. THANKS