Thursday, July 13, 2006


Thanks Don Button for the photoSo, the Sammies were last night. While our band Ugly Skull (as in Ugly Skull Roks) was not invited to play nor nominated for an award, we did get invited to host the show.

Yeah, what an insult right? Always the bridesmaid, never the freakin' Sammies Rocker? I don't thinks so.

We agreed to host, but if they thought that would buy us off, they were mistaken. we still carried on with our protest out front and we were joined by Smooot Valley High, Flipp'n The Bird and Broken Home, other bands that have been dissed. We protested right up until we had to be onstage inside to introduce the first award. Scroll down to see the great literature we were handing out, letting the public know the truth about Sammie.

Broken Home and Flippin' the Bird are flippin' mad that The Sammies does not have a kazoo category. Total crap. And the Smooot boys managed not to spit or curse, but believe you me they were spittin' mad at being disqualified just because their from Fresno. How does the Sac News and Review define Sacramento Area anyway? There are places a-lot further from Sac than Fresno to be sure.

We took our protest all the way inside to the stage. You see, we accepted the hosting gig, but we used the forum to let everyone know how much the Sammies suck for excluding Sacto (and Fresno)'s most rockin'ist bands.

Twice we tried to play some music durring the intermission and after the show, but both times there were technical problems or so we were told. The sound and lights went out each time, and when the sound goes out I guess the house music automatically comes on. Lame.

Evening highlites:
  1. The video of Tatiana Latour's daughter reading the acceptance speech for Tatiana's best female vocalist Sammie.
  2. David from Didley Squat, not even bothering to listen as the best pop category was read as he was already sure it was going to Daisy Spot. I had to shout to him where he stood in the stair well, "Dude, you guys won!" Didley Squat looked awesome, all dressed up in crazy outfits with make up and bear head things and David's white motorcycle helmet. I love Didley Squat.
  3. I performed all night with a rip in the ass of my pants. No big deal, at first, but the rip kept getting bigger. I kid you not, when I got home and stepped out of the car, my pants hit my shoes. The rip had spread up through the waste and the pant fell of me. It was dangerously close to having happened on stage. Friendship Tailor, be seeing you soon.

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KLJ said...

I should add, Jason and Scott from Gas, Food, Theatre and other cool things too, helped us immensely with writing and re-writing and brainstorming and making it all happen. Thanks to the two funniest guys I know.