Monday, July 3, 2006


Bryna and I are going Camping. I want to go somewhere within a few hours drive of Sacto. We're gonna sleep in a tent and cook over a campfire and on my propane stove. I like rivers and woods, she likes beaches, neither of us are hardcore hike in type campers.

Any suggestions? Eh?


Anonymous said...

Hi KLJ, Xeno here. Becca and I once went to this really cool place up by Mt. Lassen. We saw eagles and got to go underground in a lava tube. Only a few hours drive I think. It may have been this one. It was also by a beautiful brook. Pretty quiet.

KLJ said...

Thanks Xeno. That looks really cool.

I was just over at the other day, checking out the ol' journal.

Hope to see you again soon. Maybe at the Sammies?