Saturday, July 15, 2006

A Favor

Your wacko liberal, naive and utterly sincere friend here (I mean me) wants to ask a favor.

I'm not going to ask you to send me a few bucks, or to buy my cd, though both are always appreciated, that is promoting, this is something else.

I'm asking you to please go see An Inconvenient Truth.

No matter how you feel about global warming, you have to see it as an important issue. I mean, even if you think it's a crock, it's a crock that every leader of every industrialized nation on earth save the US and Australia is buying into. That's a hell of a crock. So do yourself a favor and see what the crocks all about.

If, like me, you do believe it's a problem, I am happy to tell you that the film is not as the poster claims, "The most terrifying film you will ever see." It's actually very optimistic.

So, please, make a few hours time to go see this film. I thought I knew this issue, but I learned a-lot from this film. More information at

And if you have a website, email list, or friends, please encourage others to see this film. Make an outing of it. Discuss it together afterwards.

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