Thursday, July 27, 2006

Oversharing again

Feeling a bit blue and unsucessful today, like my creative efforts are still not taken seriously and maybe not worthy of being taken seriously. Crappy way to feel. It'll pass. Frustrated to still be sitting in front of a computer trying to kill another hour, amazed that I've still got three to go before quitting time. How many hours will I waste here before quitting for good? Not too many more I hope.

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eMiLy said...

I read your All My Jobs blog all in one day like they were crack and laughed my ass off. This is what the UK man had to say about them:

"I read Keiths 'Will Ferrell' job blog today and left a comment. Jesus, he must have balls to spare - that was just awesome. Thank God there were pictures, that just brought the blog to life. I'm writing a blog (strangely I'm being really lax with it) about a job I had for an American photographic company, with a link to the allmyjobs page. I read thr Blockbuster one too .. it mentioned about when he met Bryna!"

People all the way in England are ALSO laughing their ass off. And this isn't just any old limey wanker. This is the opinion of the most clever man I've never met.