Sunday, July 23, 2006

Francois Fly, Neil Hamburger, Trash, Hot

OH MY GOD, It's so unbearably hot. The expected high today is 111 which is insane enough without the humidity added. Hope I survive.

I've had a busy weekend. I saw Francois Fly open for Neil Hamburger on Friday as part of Wasted Weekend III. I also saw The Boars and Th' Losin' Streaks, both of whom turned in strong sets. Saturday I continued with Wasted Weekend activities, heading out to the Placer Country Fairgrounds for Crasharama where I was thrilled to watch Jumpin' Johnny crash cars into other cars. It was not a great place to be when the temperature was so high, but I had fun. Saw a great band there called Winelord. Four girls and a guy doing some garage/punk. They're from Tuscon and I love to support touring, as touring is the greatest thing in the world, so I bought a CD. Sonic Love Affair did a strong set despite the fact that they were obviously strugglin with the heat, especially front man Dylan. Damn they rock.

Saturday at midnight The Trash Film Orgy presented Frankenhooker and Francois Fly intruded on my weekend again, as he made a guest appearance. He used to host the show back in the days when I co-produced it, and it was nice to see that most of the crowd remembered him well and went pretty nuts at his appearance. Did I mention he was in drag? It was a fun show. I'll get some pics up as soon as I get some. As Neil Hamurger would say "And That's My Life..."

and yes, Francois Fly is wearing a dress and a wig in that picture. If you were there you'd know why.

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