Friday, January 26, 2007


I finished that last post, went home to grab some lunch, and while I was there my rejection letter came in the mail. DAMN! I'm really upset, more than I should be. I try not to get overly invested but I can't help it, and now I'm really bummed. I feel exhausted and tired of... well, just tired. I work full time, and then I do plays, and comedy shows and writing and its just go, go, go. I almost enjoy being sick because it means being still for a bit, but by the second day I'm feeling restless and I'm back at my laptop and on the phone.
Rejection letters suck.
I try to remember that every successful artist has a file of rejection letters. Unfortunately every unsuccessful artist I know does too. Damn.


M. E. H. said...

Maybe you can add a section to the book on rejections letters. Kind of falls in line with the whole job thing.

KLJ said...

You may be on to something there.

Anonymous said...

Hate to hear that.
Your readers are pulling for you and will but your books.
Try to enjoy the weekend