Sunday, January 14, 2007

A glowing Review

Vagina Monologues the Movie, a film that my comedy troupe, I Can't Believe It's Not Comedy did with Apprehensive Films, was included in the DVD release of The Undertaker and His Pals, a great comic-gore flick. The DVD was reviewed by and we got raves.

"The Apprehensive Films release of The Undertaker and His Pals also includes a short film, The Vagina Monologues: The Movie! Yes, feminists everywhere will be offended and aghast at this film, in which we see the idea expand from script-pitch to movie (you won't believe the direction they take with this) to behind-the-scenes. It's a quick fix dose of humorous parody that features a vagina puppet! What more could you ask? And it's a great example of how an entertaining and professionally done short film can be accomplished with a couple of friends and next to no budget."

It's interesting that several people now have thought we were negative toward The Vagina Monologues or toward feminism. This couldn't be further from the truth. Amber is actually in a Sacramento run of the show and this is meant as an affection parody, a tribute even. Oh well, at least they're laughing, with, at, on, whatever.
Here's the film. You can see it without even buying the DVD.


s.k.namanny said...

I'm so happy a wider audience will be exposed to that puppet. As much as I love to be queezy alone, the world needs healing.

KLJ said...

And we don't even thank Gas, Food, Theater in the credit for supplying us with the 'gina. Wow. We suck. Thanks Gas, Food, Theater.

Now then, if you ever want to see Ginny again, put eleven dollars in small, unmarked bills in a sac and leave it on top of the pile of squash in the produce department of the downtown Safeway.