Tuesday, January 10, 2006

What Next?

Well opening night of our show is over. So, what next. I'm imagining setting up a regular recording night once a week at my house where we can record skits and stories. I want to get up a good back log and then colaborate with local musicians on soundtracking them.

All the musicians I've talked to have been real interested and I know some fantastic musicians. It'll be a cool way to work with my actor friends and musician friends at a more relaxed pace. I want it to be real productive but the deadline of a live audience performance is something I look foward to having a break from. Then I'll start releasing the stuff as pod casts or some such thing.
Yeah. That'd be cool. Make some food and drinks, sit around recording, pile up some material. Any story tellers, actors, musicians that are interested drop a line.

That and some more short films. Me and Mike Rafter started one AGES ago that we have to finish and the Panhandling documentary film should be going into the editing phase by February. So, I plan to have a productive but hopefully less stressful year. Yes I do.

Hey, I do have one story already done, with music by Crazy Ballhead. I'll get that up within the week.

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