Sunday, January 1, 2006

Vegan White Trash

I love so called white trash food. The casseroles, the impossible combinations, it all seems to celebrate American creativity at it's best with a good dose of screw your conventions and sense of propriety. This is not food for people who care if they're using the proper glass for their wine and the correct fork for their organic spring greens salad.

The odd part is, I also love fu-fu food like organic spring greens salad. I am after all a vegan. I do the majority of the cooking at home, but when my wonderful girlfriend wants some extra snuggling she will fix me up some great treats based on my unique tastes and dietary requirements. Vegan White Trash has got to be the most unlikely cuisine, and I love it.

So, we start with Corn Dog Loaf. Sink the hot dogs in the corn bread, bake, serve with mustard, voila, gourmet eatin'. Make the hot dogs soy dogs and find a vegan corn bread (Trader Joe's) and now you're livin' in a blue state. Chop up them soy dogs, stir some chili into the cornbread batter which is then poured into muffin cups, swirl the mustard into the surface, adding a few more corn dog slices up top as a garnish, bake and you deserve my hot vegan body. I love you sweetie. And I love me some Vegan Chili Corn Dog Muffins.


writegrrrl said...

Is it time for a muffin smackdown?!?!

KLJ said...

Bryna hears your challenge and says, bring it on! ! !
She is my muffin queen ya know.

KLJ said...

Somebody asked me why I say So Called White Trash.
It's because I don't really like the term White Trash. It's classist and snooty.
I rarely bother to open fowarded e-mails that feature the words White Trash or Ghetto in the subject line. I don't find ridiculing poor black people or poor white people all that entertaining.
So I guess the answer to the questions is that I'm just too PC.