Wednesday, January 25, 2006

OUCH! again

I had the worst day at work. I made some mistakes and now I have to clean them up, but no matter how much cleaning I do, they were big uns and they'll cost the company money, and feeling like you're not doing a good job sucks.
Finally quittin' time came and I hopped on my skate board and it felt great skating home until I fell on my ass and scraped up my knuckle and hurt my right wrist, and I was afraid I rebusted my collarbone which isn't all the way healed and then I limped home.
I wasn't feeling too bad later so I took my nephew skating at the local skate park and though I should have known better I kept skating and now both wrists are jacked and typing this hurts.
But I still totally loved being at the park and while I still skate like I'm a total newbie I'm getting much better and I can ollile higher and I can at least skate well enough to have fun, which rules.
Okay bye.

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