Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Twelve Years

Yup. Bryna and I have been a couple for twelve years. Twelve long wonderful years.
This relationship is the best thing I have and the thing of which I am most proud. It's been an uphill climb as we started young and had no idea what we were doing. We've worked hard, pushing each other and ourselves to grow and to learn how to support each other and we've arrived at a very good place and it keeps getting better all the time.

I remember worrying that my tendancy towards coupledom would leave me distracted from my artistic impulses. Damn the whole tortured artist crap. I love that in my relationship with Bryna I have found a lifestyle and a partner that support my creative endeavors. I would not/could not be the writer/comedian/performer that I am without her.

We'll be married later this year. It won't change much after this long together, but it will be a great chance to celebrate this crazy love story of ours.

As for celebrating this anniversary, we haven't had much of a chance with ICBINC shows going on, but I think that when my birthday weekend comes in March we'll head to SF, or Santa Cruz or Monterey or somewhere with beaches and good food and some art galleries or aquariums or museums and spend a few days celebrating birthdays and anniversaries and whatever else we can think of.


writegrrrl said...

I think this post requires an "aw"'s a heartfelt, sincere one, mind you...

KLJ said...

Thanks Rachel.
I think we're heading to Santa Cruz. Your post got me jonesing for some Dharma and Some Saturn and we'll hit the Cliff House and Pink Godzilla too.