Monday, January 30, 2006

Brain Scan

Update: I got the pics. See them here

I had a brain scan today. It was pretty crazy. Big machine, tunnel through the middle. I lay down and my head is wedged in to keep me from moving. The bed is raised up, and then a helmet/cage type deal is slid over my head and the little bed slide's into the tunnel.
I'd been given ear plugs and good thing, it was loud as hell. It sounded like a rave times ten. I looked though a little mirror attached to the cage around my head and I could see a moniter. The monitor flashed arrows and I'd click buttons based on what directions the arrow pointed.
This was being done as part of a study dealing with Parkinson's disease. I was part of the control group. Not only do I get pictures of my own brain, I got $20 bucks for it. I heard about the study through heckasac. Thanks heckasac. When I get the pics of my brain I'll post 'em here. Should be soon. I saw my brain. It's pretty.

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