Saturday, October 29, 2005

Photoshop Winners

Rat Pack Fly by Mark Lahey
Mark Lahey did this beauty on the first day of the contest, which put the bar real high, and while everyone gave us their A game, they never did mange to knock mark out. Good work man. Scroll down for Mark's other entries.

The Last Swatter by Nick Roberts
Click image to enlarge.
This is and amazing piece by Nick Roberts, a local Sacramento cat with many nick names. I had the picture up on the site for days before it occured to me just how sick and wrong it is. And then a few days after that I noticed the little piles of poo on every plate. I'd definately have to call this a close second. Hey Nick, send me your website info. so I can link you.


Francois, being the staunch capitolist pig that he is was not so crazy about this one, but I love it and insisted it find it's place in the top three. Great work Brett.

Honorable Mentions

Fly Paper by Charlie Moreno of
I actually have this set as the wallpaper on my computer.

Francois Fly Action Figure (with Poo) by Tom Knockoff

The action figure comes with a mic, AND POO! Tom sent another cool one, but it got lost. Can ya resent it Tom?

More from 1st Place Winner Mark Lahery

One More From Second Place Winner Nick Roberts

More From Third Place Winner Bret Wilson

Jason Adair sent this great one titled Fly On Shit

And Tor Get's a Special Nod for Quantity of Photoshops and Quantity of Drugs Consumed. Thanks a Million Tor!

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