Sunday, October 30, 2005


I've decided to start a links page to list my bestest pals online, though most are pals offline too. I'll be adding to this and eventually I'll put a direct link to in on the side bar. Feel free to request links, and PLEASE link to Thanks. I spend a-lot of time in the forums here. Robert's a friend and very funny guy. There are actually a number of articles by me in the archives too. Possibly the coolest site on the internet. My comedy troupe, there are some good video clips on line here. We're doing the panhandling documentary together The reverend is my oldest brother. Poor fella. Chip is a great musician, pal, friend and sexy hunk. A-lot of the pics in the background are from ES films. He is the man, he is the man, he is.... the man My downstairs neighbor totally rocks. My friend Rachel's blog. I like to leave comments. They do cool things. Cool illustrations. He's done some for my Jobs blog. Where it all happens baby. Masked action Jeffrey Brown is a brilliant comic book artist/writer and a heck of a nice guy too This blog seems like a nice enough Sacto area blog, and they linked me so I thought I'd return the favor. Hope they can handle the huge jump in hits this will surely give them. These fine folks got the panhanlding banana linked on


Anonymous said...

Can you PLEASE link to my site? I need the traffic in a big way.

KLJ said...

Well I'd say you took care of that yourself there eh?