Sunday, October 30, 2005

Interviewing Daisy Spot

I just interviewed Daisy Spot for an article I'm doing in the News and Review.
This was exciting as I've been a fan for over a decade.
Mike Farrell is one of my favorite local characters, musicans, fashion icons. He's also a really sweet, sincere and amazingly talented guy. Tatiana, well, she's beautiful; heavy lidded, pouty lipped, soft voice, thick dark hair.
An embarassing little admission; I was hanging out with Patrick once and we were being very boy, and talking about how beautiful Tatiana was and I wrote a three page screen play for her called Tatiana's big shower scene. Dumb kid crush stuff, but Patrick made copies, with my FULL NAME on them. I don't know if one ever got to her, but I'm afraid to ask.
The script later became Keith's Big Shower Scene as performed by my comedy troupe. Teee hee.

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