Tuesday, August 4, 2009

To The Moon CD Release Party

What: Keith Lowell Jensen "To The Moon... Live at Luna's" CD Release Party
Who: KLJ plus Mike E. Winfield, Kelly Pryce, Ray Molina and Marcella Arguello
When: Wednesday August 26th, 8pm
Where: Punch Line, Sacramento, CA 95825
How Much: $15 includes a copy of "To The Moon."
Phone: (916) 925-5500

"By turns cerebral, profane and lowbrow, Jensen offers insight into life as a small-time comedian, observations about porn and an extremely funny extended scatalogical bit that give the CD it’s name"

"A great blend of smart, wacky, and self deprecating humor."

"Jensen is best known as the atheist comedian on the popular Coexist? Comedy Tour. On "To The Moon" the comic talks about everything but religion, from his adventures in public school to the declining quality of pornography. With this effort Jensen establishes himself as a unique, refreshingly sincere and absolutely irreverent voice in modern comedy. This is one hilarious CD."

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