Thursday, August 6, 2009

Competition, done, yay for that

Tonight, I was in another competition and again I did not advance past the first round. It doesn't bother me too much though. I know I did a really good set, but the guys who won for the most part deserved. The guys in 1st and 2nd place (the top 3 advance) had better sets than me.
The bad experience was the last contest before this, where 1 guy had a better set than me but four people advanced instead of me and two of them were awful and hacky.
So, tonight was fine.
If I want to do any more competitions, and I'm not sure I do, I need to work on my short game. I've got a really good long game and a decent short, but I tend to like a little time to build up and when I only have five minutes I need to figure out how to just go out there already UP.
Ah well. All week I'm opening for Tim Meadows at The Punch Line, and that is cool. :D

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