Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Short Set/ Long Set

I learned to do five minutes. I learned to love it actually and have thought that it would be cool to do a documentary shot entirely at open mics catching the best short sets. A short set is like a haiku, it's own particular discipline.
Then I started to get longer sets. That is it's own thing. At first I just did the same thing I did with my short sets but for longer.
I have a friends who advise me but one guy in particular has been kind of coaching me. He was telling me I need to put ME into my act and to find my voice. I think I have started to find that and it's really improving my long sets. Each set is something special now and I form a strong connection with my audience.
But, now it's fucking with my short set! I learned the short set, learned the long set and now I have to relearn my short set?
But I think I have it figured out now. I think I need to do shorter jokes when I have a shorter set. Sounds simple and maybe it will be. I'll test it out. In the meanwhile I'm REALLY enjoying doing longer sets.

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