Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Blah blah blah YAY!

Yesterday, feeling blah, today, much better. Better started last night actually. The agent I am trying to get in with called me and we had a really great talk. I felt like we connected. He was talking to me from his car and when he got home he emailed me and told me he liked my clips and would like to bring me down to tape a good quality video clip. I'm very excited about the prospect of working with this guy.

I put in a few hours on editing my CD last night. So far I only cut things that obviously needed to be cut and I edited in a couple of tags from night three, (night one being my base.) Eventually I'll get to the hard part and will have to actually cut a joke or two. I want to keep it under an hour and I want it to really move and hit hard. I'm still very excited about this recording and sure that it is special but multiple listenings are allowing me to be a bit more objective and I'm seeing spots that are a bit slower, comparatively. For cutting I think it is really good to have a some folks you can trust lend an ear though as one's jokes can become quite precious. Not that I won't leave room to occasionally leave in a joke that might resonate with people longer even if it isn't the loudest laugher of the bunch.

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