Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Opened for Norm Macdonald

I was just hoping to get in to see Norm Macdonald as the show had sold out. As I walked in to see about getting a seat (or some standing room in the back even) I noticed Larry "Bubbles" Brown talking with Nick, the assistant manager over at Punch Line Sacramento. Larry says "Make Keith open the show."
I'm thinking 'YEAH! Make me open!'
Nick asks if I'd mind doing five minutes. Would I mind?! No sir, I would not mind one bit. Nick checks it with Daria and mere minutes later I'm walking on stage to open the show. I went over well. I think scoring with five minutes is harder than scoring with twenty for obvious reasons but I was pleased with my set and it seemed that the audience was as well.
I brought Larry up and went to watch from the back where Norm Macdonald congratulated me on a good set. I said, "Thanks. Its an honor to work with you."
"Well, yeah, I don't know about that but you did good."
He laughed a lot and once even heckled during Larry's set. Then he went on stage and turned in the best stand up comedy set I've seen in ages. I knew he'd be good but he was so good. I think its time for another HBO special. Amazing.
The next night I got to do a few minutes with Mike E. Winfield at Punch Line and then to Oakland to do a show with Eric Cash, Greg Edwards and Sean Keane. My friend Samson Koletkar produces the show with Joe Gleckler.
A busy week. Looking forward to a little bit of rest before The Coexist? Comedy Tour kicks back into high gear.

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