Thursday, November 3, 2005


I'm too old for this crap. I took my nephew to the skate park again. It's the third or fourth time we've gone together but it's the first time I've actually skated. It felt so good to be on the half pipe. It's been YEARS since I've skated one. I couldn't do any tricks, just back and fourth, back and fourth the occasional back side turn.

I fell, a-lot, and apparently I landed on my elbow, a-lot. The picture at right is not me, but I swear to you on my big swollen elbow that is exactly what it looked like. Gruesome. My friend Paul Imagine went with us and he was very excited about my swellbow, and about the term swellbow in general. Check out for more cool swellbow pics. And dudes, wear you're elbow pads. (Please note, I use dude as a nongender specific term. I certainly hope you female dudes will wear your elbow pads as well.)

Expect to see more pictures of me beating myself up as I plan to keep going back to the skate park.

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