Wednesday, November 16, 2005


My soul hurts. I want to skate. I love skating and I don't want to buy into any "too old" b.s., but here I sit, waiting for the motrin to kick in, my shoulder is killing me. I took the day off to skate. I skated for twenty minutes and was actually getting the hang of carving the bowls at the skate park before I landed hard on my left shoulder. I tried to walk it off, or skate it off, but it got worse. so now I'm at home feeling old and pathetic, waiting for water to turn into ice so I can numb myself a bit. Two injuries in two weeks, the swellbow (scroll down a few posts) is on the same damn arm. Already I'm telling myself that I won't give in. But why? Am I just really wanting to skate or am I fighting getting old? I'm going to go be in pain now, bye...

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