Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wasting Time on Assholes

I waste way too much time and energy talking to assholes on the internet. I really should adopt a policy of just not replying to anyone who can not communicate without calling names, or making talk radio type claims like the guy who says I must be a Muslim since I don't agree with banning the burqa. Why would I even bother with such ridiculousness? It's like an addiction though. Must fight with asshole! As if I have any chance of changing the mind of someone like that. Like their mind has the capacity for change.
And there is positive discourse too but I get distracted from it by the dumb stuff. That should change.

Ah well. Tonight should be a fun night. I've got some great comics lined up for Comedy Night at Luna's.

The CD project is moving along. We did a photo shoot yesterday to get a pic for the inside of the CD jacket and I think we got some great photos for promotional stuff as well. Can't wait to see the pics. Thanks for sharing your opinions no the covers (see last post.) People are pretty divided, which to me says that both covers look pretty great. Irina is a wonderful designer and Kiny is one bad ass photographer.

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z said...

Ignore the idiots. They truly are a waste of time.