Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mike E. Winfield delivered tonight at Luna's

Ahhhh shit. Mike E. Winfield is smooth! He just headlined my Wednesday room and that guy just boggles me. I admire many comics for a wide range off different qualities. Now Mike E. is a good all round comic, amazing really, but the thing that Mike E. most represents to me is Stage Presence. He is the Patron St. of stage presence. So study Johnny Carson to learn how to roll with the punches and make the worst jokes get the biggest laugh. Study Brent Weinbach to learn how to commit! Study Emo Phillips, Woody Allen or Bob Newhart to learn how to write. Study Richard Pryor for sincerity and heart. Bill Cosby for story telling. And when you want to learn how to OWN the stage, I sugggest you enlist as tutor, one Mike E. Winfield.
Watch this clip of Winfield on Comics Without Borders, see a pro...

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