Thursday, September 4, 2008

But it IS the same old Republican Party

Before any of you moderate Republicans or independents out there are tempted to believe the hype that McCain represents a NEW Republican party, let me remind you that George Bush 8 years ago was billed as a NEW Republican. Please remember where the bullshit term Compassionate Conservative came from.

The Republican party is STILL the party of Big Oil, Palin more than anyone. Lets look at where her money comes from. If this were a jury she'd be dismissed for conflict of interest. There was a term in early American politics; disinterestedness. It meant, non-invested, non-beholden, free from interests that might sway ones judgment. Why have we lost this word and the values that were associated with it?

As I listened to the RNC last night it struck me that they're really proud to be the party of platitudes. Obama was actually ridiculed for having so many foreign policy advisers. He was also criticized for seeing issues as complex and for considering more than one viewpoint when looking at a conflict.

I'm not registered Democrat and they are no angels. I see some flaws in Obama for sure, I'm an atheist after all, and quite tired of having to vote someone with invisible friends. But I see him as the most exciting candidate to run in quite some time. He talks to us as if we're actually intelligent and can handle complex issues without having 'em dumbed down. Whether he is right in this assumption we'll find out soon.

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