Friday, April 4, 2008

Jesus Died For Me?

Fundy on my youtube page: "Jesus Died For You!"

Me: "Yeah. That's kind of a crappy gift aint it? I mean, if you're thinking of getting me something for my birthday, I'd rather have some comic books... a chocolate bar maybe, pretty much anything but that.

No? You're going to die for me. Um, you’re broke aren't you? Look man its cool, um, hey, you could vacuum for me! Yeah, how'd that be? I'd really like that much better. If you go dying for me, what goods it do me? I got a body to explain, they'll be an inquiry, in 2,000 years people'll be talking about it, getting into fights, righting snarky blogs. Wouldn't it be better if the carpets were clean? I mean that's something we can all enjoy."

Imagine if you could go door to door and tell people Jesus vacuumed for them.
Wouldn't that be spectacular?
"He did? He vacuumed for me?"
"Oh yeah, look at your carpet, all vacuumed, see?"
"Oh man, that's fantastic."

And if it got competitive that'd be even better.
"Hi I'm with the Buddhists. Would you mind incredibly if we waxed your car?"
"No, no that's fine. The Muslims are tuning it up right at the moment, but the Hare Krishna's are just finishing up mowing the lawn if you'd like to wait in the yard for a bit. Thanks."

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crowliosis said...

Now there's a good idea, let the Muslims tune up your car. At least the current crop of suicide bombers know what they're getting into.