Monday, March 10, 2008

Done Done Done almost Done

I've been whining to anyone who would listen about all the craziness that is my life this year. It's SO nice to have most of it done.
All Sketch comedy festival DONE!
Why Lie I Need a Drink premier DONE!
Now I just have to survive this week's Coexist? Comedy show in Berkeley and then I get married in April.

I can recoup in Rome where I honeymoon with my sweetie for 8 days and when I come back I only have a few Coexist? Comedy shows to worry about. I'll probably be depressed about not having a billion things stressing me out and making me crazy.

What next? Well, Coexist? should take more and more of my time and hopefully more happens with the film. I also want to make a mockumentary titled "Buzzed: The Life and Times of Francois Fly!" My amazingly talented and hilarious friends Scott Namanny and Jason Adair have agreed to help me with this one. Hopefully Francois is as cooperative.

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s.k.namanny said...

We're not counting on Francois to cooperate. He works alone. A lone wolf. El Lobo Solo. In fact, his people actually have it in his paperwork: "Anything that resembles cooperation or collaboration from the party of the first part (Mr. Fly) is purely coincidental."

PS: your film premiere rocked. And I recently was hoping for knee surgery so as to experience what you will find in Rome and upon return: nothing to do for a couple of days. Damn. Someday!