Monday, October 23, 2006

Francois Fly Photo Shop Contest Winners

You can see ALL THE ENTRIES by clicking here.

Rat Pack Fly by Mark Lahey
Mark Lahey did this beauty on the first day of the contest, which put the bar real high, and while everyone gave us their A game, they never did mange to knock mark out. Good work man. Go to the All The Entries page for more from Mark.

The Last Swatter by Nick RobertsClick image to enlarge.
This is an amazing piece by Nick Roberts, a local Sacramento cat with many nick names. I had the picture up on the site for days before it occured to me just how sick and wrong it is. And then a few days after that I noticed the little piles of poo on every plate. I'd definately have to call this a close second. Hey Nick, send me your website info. so I can link you.

The People's Fly by Brett Wilson
Francois, being the staunch capitolist pig that he is was not so crazy about this one, but I love it and insisted it find it's place in the top three. Great work Brett.

Currently Reading: Louis Riel by Chester Brown. This graphic novel biography is simply amazing. Chester Brown is one of the best of the genre for sure. I give it four stars.

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Congratulations to all the winners.

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