Sunday, October 15, 2006


The Sacramento Bee ran an excerpt from my North Korea and live links article in this Sunday's paper. Check it out Here.
And read the full version Here.
Thanks Bee.


Anonymous said...

The use of your blog post in Sunday's Blog Watch feature is a side product of a larger effort by The Sacramento Bee to expand access to the region's bloggers.

Since July I've been looking for ways to expand the Opinion content at The first idea I came up with was to monitor the region's bloggers. Of course, finding the local bloggers is no simple feat. Right now I have more than 180 blog RSS feeds I monitor using Google's Reader service. Your blog was recommended by writegrrrl.

I am developing ways of showcasing regional bloggers and demonstrating how this content could be delivered to sacbee visitors.

I have a small development server at where you see some of my ideas in action.

John Hughes

KLJ said...

Thanks John. That's great. I have noticed ipsosacto on my hit counter before. Great name by the way.
I hope to post more worthwhile blogs in the future.