Thursday, May 11, 2006

No, F*ck You!

I was on 29th and T yesterday, walking home from work. I saw the big SUV full of teenagers coming at me and the smiling staring driver was definitely up to no good. I got ready figuring they were going to throw something at me or shoot me with a paint gun. Insead they pulled close to me, without really slowing down and the kid gave me the finger and said, "Hey, Fuck You!" Then they sped away high fiving each other. Wow. I was pretty impressed, I can tell you! I think I'll borrow daddy's SUV tonight and go out cruising for people to yell meaningless things at. I'm not sure I have the guts though, I mean it is damn ballsy. I'll try to muster up the courage. Should I start small and work my way up to it? Maybe I'll start on my bike just saying hello to people.


Anonymous said...

Maybe this is an ICBINC phenomenon, what with Becca's SNR column last week and now you. When I get an SUV full of teenagers driving by me, they almost always say, "Hello, sir. We hope you are having a good day. Take care now!" And then they speed off and high five each other.

KLJ said...

Oh man, I hadn't even thought about Becca and that crazyness.
I had the weirdest little fantasy that I threw my dairy free soy ice cream sandwich in the kids face. He stops the SUV and they all jump out to kick my ass. Instead of running away I run toward him, duck his punch, jump in the now empty SUV and take off. THAT would've been sweet.