Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I'm so swank

This is a pic from the new News and Review out today. I shaved my beard, leaving the mustache by request of the N&R folks who said they needed someone to look Sleazy. Glad sleazy makes 'em think of me. That's real nice guys.
Buy hey, a gigs a gig and I got porn and cocaine to pay for yeah. Not that I don't make a pretty penny selling used SUVs, but I got a REALLY big porn and cocaine habit.
Get it? I was being sleazy. Um, okay, see ya later.


Anonymous said...

word is out what a swank dude you are Oh Im sorry did I say dude? I ment hero your my new hero!
amen brother
you go bro!
work it!

Anonymous said...

Are those your real teeth?

KLJ said...

Thay are, but they don't really look THAT bad. I mean, I have other photos where they don't look that bad!