Tuesday, August 30, 2016

My latest meme is going nuts


Happiness Expert, Erica Neuman said...

I just heard you on XM radio for first time! THIS made me laugh the most. Well, it was all funny. I was in traffic for 3 hours today and you made it fun. I need to come to a show soon! And, your daughter Max is the best roast comic ever too!

KLJ said...

Thank You! I'm glad you enjoyed. Real excited at having the album on Sirius. Glad it hit you when you needed it, grrr, traffic.
Lots more stuff coming soon. My next album Bad Comedy For Bad People comes out in March, and my book Punching Nazis and other good ideas, comes out in May.
THANKS. Come to a show!

Unknown said...

My favorite part of that story is the last line. Did you leave or were you kicked out of band? Or did you stay and just not learn to play the clarinet?