Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sexual Healing

Sexual addiction is a real problem it's just hard to take it as such if you don't suffer from it. It's hard to imagine suffering from it. When I try to picture it at it's worse... it's kind of hot.

What's the worst case scenario? Anyone ever end up sucking dick for pussy? I'm sure people have had to suck dick for dick but that's win/win.

If you suffer sexual addiction you go to meeting just like alcoholics but by necessity everyone at these meeting brings their genitalia with them to the meeting. It's like alcoholics meeting at a bar, where all the drinks are free.

I wonder how many people at any given meeting are just there to catch anyone falling off the wagon. How do they keep it from being a singles bar without booze and with less flattering lighting?

When I was a kid nymphomaniac was what you called a slut before she rebuffed you. "I'm asking Jenny out. Word has it she's a total nympho. Tania? No, turns out she's a complete slut."

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