Monday, December 21, 2009

My first less than glowing review

Click to read's review of my CD.

I've had an easy time with the critics, getting great reviews so far, so it wasn't too hard on me when I finally got one that didn't say I was God's gift to comedy. And the review really isn't bad at all. He had some constructive criticism that I actually agree with and I'm going to re-read this review before I record my next album in Spring 2010.

My favorite line of the review:
"Jensen has a hard time focusing on any one thing for too long."
Ha ha, sounds like it came straight from one of my school teachers. I also really enjoyed reading "He's got a dark sensibility and a propensity for logic over blind acceptance."

I also like that he is one of the few reviewers NOT to focus on my "Muppet like" "Gay Will Ferrel" voice.

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