Friday, October 9, 2009

My turn god dammit.

It's not that I think I deserve fame because I'm funnier than Louis CK or Doug Stanhope. Those guys are obviously hilarious and deserving of their fame. It's just that I don't need to think all that highly of myself (for the record, I do) to realize that there are people who have exceeded far beyond just ditching the day job with far less talent than I have. I don't have to think I'm great to think I'm better than...

People who've undeservingly been famous in my lifetime
Ron Jeremy - has a big penis.
Where's the Beef Lady- didn't know where the beef was, apparently never met Ron Jeremy.
John Bobbit - had his penis cut off, got a national comedy tour out of it. Knows where the beef is.
Dustin Diamond aka Screech - national comedy tour for, geeze I have no idea what for.
Glenn Beck - I could write a novel on this one.
Joe The Plumber- was in the right place when the right was desperate.
Palin - see above.
Larry The Cable Guy - Git 'er Done. I've been working on my clever "go to" phrase: "That's it. That was the joke, please laugh now." I think it could be my ticket in.
Vanilla Ice - Come on, I have the gun, there is a barrel of fish, really do I need to bother with this one?
Jim Baker, Tammy Fae Baker, Jimmy Swaggart, Ted Haggerty, Jerry Falwell, all the rest but NOT Benny Hinn who is the greatest mentalist of our time.

Who else...

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Jeff M. said...

Benny Hinn -- the star of one of the best youtube vids ever. seen it?