Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson, Iranian Election and Ed's shit luck

The Iranian Election Protesters had better get some dead celebrities and quick if they'd like to regain the world's attention. Did I see a cell phone image linked on twitter of a bunch of protesters practicing the moonwalk?

So, Michael Jackson is dead. Now that he is gone and I'm thinking back over all the amazing things he has given us, I kind of feel bad that we made such a big deal over the whole kid fucking thing.

I can't feel sad about Jackson's death so much as I feel sad about his life. He has to be one of the more extreme examples of a profoundly broken person behaving desperately. And now the pain has stopped. I have always and will continue to enjoy the amazing contributions he made to pop music and to choreography. No doubt he was one of the more talented people ever to walk (or moonwalk) this earth.

And Ed McMahon is gone too. Does the fact that he was always in trouble financially himself make it more acceptable or less so that he was part of so many schemes benefiting off the poor and gullible (Cash for Gold, Publisher's Clearing House.)

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